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10 May 2023

Erreka opens its new subsidiary in Colombia

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Following the consolidation of Erreka's subsidiaries in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic and China, the industrial co-operative belonging to the Mondragon Corporation has launched a new project in Colombia.

Diversification and internationalisation are two strategic goals for Erreka, the industrial co-operative belonging to the MONDRAGON Corporation, as set out in the latest strategic plan approved by the co-operative from Antzuola (Gipuzkoa) in 2021. Both areas - diversification and internationalization - are key to Erreka's present and future.

This is so much the case that in the 2021-2024 strategic period, important steps have been taken both in the diversification strategy, with the start-up of two new business units - Erreka Care and Erreka Medical - and in the field of internationalisation, with the opening of new subsidiaries in different parts of the world. Thus, after the consolidation of the subsidiaries in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic and China, the new project in Colombia is now underway.

New headquarters

The inauguration of the new headquarters was attended by the CEO of Erreka, Antton Tomasena, and the director of the Connected Access business, Aitor Sotés, who also took advantage of their presence in the Colombian capital to hold meetings and gatherings with different organisations and universities in Bogotá, including the Javeriana University. The inauguration was also attended by different players from the administrative, business and educational spheres of the Colombian capital.

The new subsidiary in Colombia offers Erreka's products, services and solutions. These services, products and solutions offer high technological value, quality and design. Thus, the new subsidiary will provide a closer and more appropriate response to customers in one of the most important countries in South America, offering reliability and proximity in the new market. Colombia will have the support of the Bergara headquarters, which has a team of specialists in the design, manufacture and installation of automation and access control systems.

The new headquarters reinforces Erreka's international presence, with subsidiaries and offices in more than 50 countries, with 8 production and commercial centres. Erreka Connected Access is one of the leading manufacturers in the sector within the automation of both vehicle and pedestrian accesses, deploying its national and international sales network through its branches, international subsidiaries, and a network of collaborators and partners in different countries.

Erreka's equipment, products and systems incorporate the most advanced safety and control systems, guaranteeing optimum operation and compliance with the directives applicable to the products and relating to low voltage, electromagnetic compatibility, radio and machinery. Its high level of technology and quality allows Erreka to achieve a perfect response to both technical and aesthetic aspects with a key focus: energy efficiency for its customers.