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08 May 2024

Bunker Armoured Doors proposes E-lite to to secure first homes

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Bunker Armoured Doors has devised a series of solutions capable of adapting to any need. For example, E-lite is the perfect door for securing first homes, according to the company. It is no coincidence that it comes with very special accessories as standard: European cylinder with 5 master keys plus one site key, diverters, anti-cold blade, partial opening latch and defender with anti-shock tray.

A series of characteristics make E-lite a special armoured door, according to Bunker Armoured Doors. Thus, the galvanised frame consists of a single 0.8-thick sheet, cold-pressed with 1 vertical and 5 horizontal reinforcement tubes. The galvanised 20 tenths pre-frame and frame are fixed to the wall with 8 sturdy steel anti-burglary bars. This is complemented by polyurethane foam insulation in the panel, and plastic receivers in the frame holes for the bolts and pins.

To make this armoured door even more secure, anti-drill plates are installed, namely super-strong steel plates placed over the lock and devices, perfect for counteracting the most common burglary techniques. The two hinges are adjustable on two axes for perfect installation. Even the deadbolt lock, operated by a European cylinder, is one of the strengths of this armoured door.

Bunker Armoured Doors has also thought about air and light infiltrations, installing in E-lite an automatic drop-in weatherseal, flush with the floor, capable of ensuring a better sealing of the door against these infiltrations. Finally, to reduce noise and guarantee better insulation, E-lite is equipped with special double perimeter weatherstripping, placed on the panel and on the frame.