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15 October 2021

Leading businesses in the automatic door sector

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Large stores and shopping centres have the largest amount of customer traffic, and the majority have automatic doors, facilitating the entry and exit of large volumes of people at the same time. In terms of business types, supermarkets and pharmacies are the top users of these door products, according to the Confederación Española de Comercio (Spanish Trade Confederation).

When considering size, businesses with greater customer traffic, such as large stores or shopping centres, are the ones that are more likely to have automatic doors compared to smaller businesses, “since this facilitates the entry and exit of many people at once”, according to Raquel Manrique, Communications Manager for the Spanish Trade Commission. 

If we take the type of business into account, automatic doors are more common in supermarkets and pharmacies. This is because “they are more hygienic than conventional doors, since you don’t need to touch any surfaces to open them”. 

“It’s precisely this — explains Manrique — that stands out as a major advantage to bear in mind, especially after the pandemic and in the context of businesses making every effort to invest in hygiene measures to ensure the highest level of safety for their customers”. 

Greater visibility

The Communications Manager for the Spanish Trade Confederation continued, “another significant advantage of automatic doors is that they improve accessibility in general, but especially for people with reduced mobility, whether due to age or a disability”.

She also added, “they contribute towards store visibility and, when they open as a person comes near, they help to break the barrier that sometimes stands between the establishment and the customer, inviting the customer to come in”.