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14 May 2020

Airtight compartments to improve hygiene and isolate viruses

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Creating airtight compartments, with high-speed airtight doors, is an efficient way to improve hygiene and prevent the transmission of any disease

Experts from the Technological Consultancy Centre of the Professional Association of Architects of Castilla-La Mancha and from the specialised company Martín Vecino explain the advantages of these systems

The heads of the Technological Consultancy Centre of the Professional Association of Architects of Castilla-La Mancha advise that measures must be taken to substantially reduce physical contact between workers and contact with the objects around them, to prevent the spread of Covid-19. They point out that a good example of these prevention measures are high-speed doors, as they “allow for hygienic division of areas, while enabling a quick and safe transition from one area to another, because, as they lack mechanisms there is no possibility for contagion”.

Other control measures can be added to this efficient formula, to see which workers are in contact and in which areas. “This information may be valuable in the event of contagion to isolate and disinfect, respectively, both people and the areas involved”. This would indirectly prevent transmission. “In this case the best possible example are access control systems, as they allow us to have a record of the employees who have been working on a same shift, in addition to the department or area where they have worked”.

Logistics sector

On the other hand, right now high-speed doors are very useful for logistics companies, which are undergoing frenetic activity during the confinement period. As the automatic door company Martín Vecino explains, “mobility restrictions for people have exponentially multiplied the workload for logistics companies, as thousands of people have chosen to purchase online to avoid risks”.

Martín Vecino point out that logistics companies “need to have their facilities prepared to carry out their work quickly and in a perfectly organised manner”. And they add that it is important to this end to choose energy-efficient doors, not only to minimise risks but also to minimise waste of electricity and money. “It is normal for logistics centres to have, in addition to loading docks, sectional access doors that provide safe access with good thermal insulation”. Depending on the type of goods that are stored and distributed, they may also have to divide their warehouses into well-differentiated areas. “ High-speed doors are an excellent option for this purpose”, they point out. Companies that distribute fresh and frozen food have to have chambers that guarantee special temperatures and conditions. “There are industrial cooling doors and air curtains for this, that minimise the loss of temperature and energy”.