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17 October 2023

AEPA launches information guide for levelable dock ramp operators

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AEPA, the Spanish Association of Manual and Automatic Doors, has released a comprehensive guide on the markings of dock levelling ramps for loading and unloading docks. The guide covers various topics, from reference standards to installation, use and maintenance procedures.

AEPA says that the guide serves as a valuable resource for professionals working with dock levellers. It covers critical aspects including reference standards, safety measures, operation, usage, maintenance, conformity assessment. Furthermore, this document serves as a crucial source of information, providing an outline of CE marking procedures and requirements. It is essential to refer to the complete text of applicable regulations. However, this document will provide valuable guidance for professionals who seek to comprehend and implement these regulations effectively.

This document is a vital resource that showcases the association's dedication to safety and knowledge within the loading and unloading dock industry. It exemplifies AEPA's pledge to equip professionals with the necessary tools to achieve excellence in their projects. A notable advancement towards creating a safer and more productive workplace for everyone in this field.

The association states that "this initiative represents the initial phase of the forthcoming Loading Dock Guide, which we aim to develop within AEPA. The guide's development will happen once the uncertainties and concerns about marking the components, either separately or a whole singular unit, have been clarified within the sector.”

Download the guide for free by clicking here