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09 February 2018

SICUR FORUM 2018 platform for analysis and debate of all areas of security

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Cybersecurity, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Terrorism and Emergencies and enterprise activities against Terrorism, new legislative features regarding fire-proofing installations (RIPCI), forest fires, security and historic, artistic and cultural patrimony, new regulations of PPEs, occupational health and age, work-related traffic accidents… among others, are the subjects that make up the ample and varied program of Technical Workshops at SICUR.

Organized by IFEMA, SICUR will be held from the upcoming 20 to 23 February in the Feria de Madrid

As every year, SICUR 2018 will become the platform for analysis and debate on everything related to all areas of the security sector through SICUR FORUM;  a full and varied programme of activities composed of  20 technical workshops  that, from 20 to 23 February, will offer professionals who visit the halls of IFEMA the opportunity to delve into the most relevant topics in this sector today, to understand trends, changes in policy and best practices from experts in each field


Organized in collaboration with the associations and entities representing professionals and users from the world of security, SICUR Forum will fill the halls with truly interesting and informative content, which over four days will put security in the professional and social spotlight.   


In line with the structure and organisation of the fair, in SICUR FORUM subjects particularly focused on Occupational Security, Firefighting and the world of Emergencies will be treated. Additionally, and in the context of Security, different questions in relation to public and private security will be dealt with.


 In the field of Workplace Security ASEPAL will offer the conference the Commercialization of the PPE under the new Regulations;  AESPLA, AMAT ANEPA, VANE and ASPREN, with the collaboration of INSSBT, will analyze Preventive activity in Spain in the 21st century, and MAPFRE FOUNDATION, and INNSBT will speak of the prevention of occupational traffic accidents in the workshop called 200 Lives, the unacceptable toll of occupational traffic accidents and Healthy organizations and age, in this case with the added collaboration of FREMAP.


ASEPAL completes the activities of this section with a series of workshops aimed at those working in prevention, on “Incorrect use of uniformity with CE marking”; ”Branding of PPE, practical use of information”; “Responsibilities of the distributors as noted in Regulations”;Factory CTCR (Technological Footwear center of of La Rioja); “The Regulation Calendar” and “Selection and use of PPE”, among others.


Also in relation to workplace security SICUR incorporates the new activity DEMO PRL, organized with the collaboration of ADEMI, and they will demonstrate the particular uses of the different individual and collective protective equipment live, in “Access to confined spaces and rescues after accidents in situ”, and in Works in tension in low tension”. 


Relating to the world of emergencies, the FIRE FOUNDATION, has organized a seminar on "Security in historic, artistic and Cultural Patrimony" and another on the evacuation of people with disabilities, called "the challenge of accessible evacuation".


On terrorism, the FIRE DEPARTMENT OF THE CITY OF MADRID, will present an outstanding session called "New challenges when faced with terrorist attacks: Lessons learnt” will explain the changes in the necessary protocols of performance and, on the other hand, will approach this threat from the point of view of a company in the session “Companies faced with Yihadist terrorism: threats and safety measures” that EFITEC FORUM has organised.


Centered on subjects of Security, SICUR FORUM will reunite a series of technical workshops like those which CNPIC organises on “the Implantation of the System of Protection of Critical Infrastructures at the Strategic and Operative Level” in which the strategic plans of the Feeding and the Urban Transport sector will appear, and also the challenges in the matter of Cybersecurity for 2018 will be discussed.


On the other hand, AES and APROSER will deliver a session on  “Quality and Critical infrastructure: Focus from a necessary and urgent new regulation in private security”.


There will also be a series of sessions focused on sharing experiences like the one that City council of Madrid organizes, “A success story: WORLD PRIDE MADRID 2017” of great interest for the diverse cities in which multitudinal festivals or events are organized.


The work of ASIS INTERNATIONAL in protection of archaeological deposits will also be shown and “The work of the Municipal Police of Madrid in European Projects (H2020).  Project LASIE and LETSCROWD”


In addition, the association of local police, UNIJEPOL organizes two events in SICUR: one being “Conventions of Canine and Police Units and Animal Protection” and “National Meeting of Female Police”. 


Relating to the world of prevention and protection against fires, TECNIFUEGO/AESPI and CEPREVEN will offer different sessions in which they will approach, respectively, “Active security in the protection against fires: new legislative features for fire-proofing installations (RIPCI) as the protagonist”; “A global vision of passive security in the protection against fires”, and a day on “Forest Fires”. On the other hand APICI will offer another session centred on the responsibility of technicians, taking care of fire-proofing installations legislation (RIPCI).


SICUR CYBER deals with the risks and threats in cybersecurity


A new feature and collaboration with ISMS Forum, the greatest active network of organizations and experts dedicated to Data Security in Spain, will be presented this year, SICUR CYBER, a dedicated space to analyze and to debate the risks and threats in the matter of cybersecurity. The program will be organized into thematic days over the 4 days of SICUR: “Cyber Day” to speak about cybersecurity in the digital transformation of companies;  “Data Protection Day” specially dedicated to the New European Regulation of Protection of Data and everything its application entails;   “Cloud, Mobility and IoT day” to deal with the security challenges in the cloud, accesses and identities and the security of the Internet, and “Awareness Day”, aimed at making users aware of the threats and, in general, of the human factor in cybersecurity.