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24 July 2019

Grants in Madrid for Reducing Workplace Accidents

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The Madrid Regional government aims to cut workplace accidents thorough its Plan Renove 2019 (2019 Replacement Plans), which includes an item for grants for the acquisition of new industrial machinery, to replace and scrap outdated equipment. The deadline for applications for the grants is 13th September. They have a limit of €12,000 per grant and a maximum of €20,000 per company. Marta Carnero, technical director of Infometal, explained the seven categories for the grants and how to apply for them.

Marta Carnero, technical director of Infometal (Metal Services and Information ) explained the seven categories, promoted by Department of Economy, Employment and Finance of the Madrid Regional Government, aimed at reducing accidents by improving workplace health and safety conditions.

The first category covers the acquisition of new machinery to replacing old one, which, although it complies with current legislation, has poorer safety and features than the machinery acquired, and the scrapping of the replaced machinery. The second focuses on the adaptation of work equipment. The third covers acquisition of work equipment for areas classified as at risk of causing explosive atmospheres, except personal protective equipment.

The fourth concerns the design and installation of localised extraction systems. The fifth is for the acquisition of motorised equipment for the movement, transport and storage of loads or for high altitude work. The sixth is for the design, installation and verification of group protection equipment or fixed lifelines on roofs. The seventh is for the acquisition of mobile scaffold towers for microenterprises.

Marta Carnero warns that 'you can apply for grants in each category', but clarifies that it is necessary to 'apply for each one separately'. She pointed out that 'applications must be made online'.