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04 July 2019

KEDACOM Technology Monitors more than 200 km of the Turkish Border

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Technology by KEDACOM, the manufacturer represented by EUROMA, is helping to ensure security in a number of places worldwide, including Turkey, Korea, Jordan, Beijing, Hangzhou and Singapore. The firm is also a leader in advanced video analytics innovation, a field in which it is the sector leader in Asia.

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EUROMA stressed the international prestige of the company it represents, KEDACOM TECHNOLOGY. KEDACOM helps ensure the security of Turkey’s borders, with over 200 km being monitored using its technology, using recognitive cameras and powerful PTZ cameras that can see up to several kilometres away. Korea’s 119 Emergency Fire and Rescue Service has improved its management and synergies using KEDACOM’s mobile solutions, such as portable police cameras and mobile positioners for installation in mobile units.

And Jordan’s Security Forces use police cameras that send their signal over the 3G/4G network to a centralised checkpoint, to allow them to react faster and simplify policing. At the last Olympic Games in Beijing, KEDACOM actively collaborated on the security of the public areas of the stadiums with its recognitive cameras and the areas around the Olympic Park which were for the exclusive use of athletes and official visits.

At the last G20 meeting in Hangzhou, KEDACOM managed aspects ranging from the security of video-conferencing systems through to the security of visitors themselves, and decentralised management of portable cameras. Finally, the firm highlighted its collaboration on Singapore’s “Safe City,” where thousands of cameras are managed from a control centre with recognitive cameras which can recognize even car models, and 3G cameras carried by the police.