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03 July 2019

BOSCH solution for reacting to a fire in an 8-metre-high waste paper warehouse

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BOSCH has implemented a networked video-based fire detection solution for Mohn Media Mohndruck GmbH, a Bertelsmann Group company and one of Europe’s leading providers of printing and media services. To avoid potential dangers to personnel and production, BOSCH has supported this printing specialist with advanced technology and services across multiple generations of systems, as explained below.

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Early detection of fire risks to prevent production stoppages. Bosch experts planned and implemented a state-of-the-art solution to be able to react quickly to any fire situation in the eight-metre-high waste paper warehouse, where around 300 tons of paper are stored at any one time. AVIOTEC, the first video-based fire detection system, plays a key role in it. Smart algorithms built directly into its cameras reliably detect the first signs of smoke or flames.

Security Managed Efficiently. The data generated by the new fire protection solution is incorporated into the Bosch BVMS video management system. If AVIOTEC identifies a potentially hazardous situation in any of the waste paper stores, it immediately alerts the emergency service of the plant’s fire brigade. Its personnel can then check the situation on a video screen and take appropriate action. Using this innovative technology allows any fire to be detected very early. This avoids major damage and, as a consequence, saves the company substantial production downtime and financial loss. More information at