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28 December 2017

SICUR 2018 New Product Gallery features 45 cutting-edge security proposals.

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A panel of professional experts from a number of sectors have selected 24 Occupational Safety products – 5 for Fire Safety and Emergencies and 16 for Security

Organised by IFEMA, the next SICUR edition will be held between 20 and 23 February 2018 at Feria de Madrid


As is the case each year, the GSICUR New Product Gallery will be presenting a new look at advances in security research, development and innovation at the IFEMAInternational Safety Trade Fair at Feria de Madrid, from 20 to 23 February 2018.


This year, after analysing the various exhibiting companies, a panel of professional experts accross industry has selected 45 products which are notable for their high degree of innovation in design and technology, 16 from the Security sector, 24 from Occupational Safety and 5 from Fire and Emergency Safety.


With regard to Security, many of the new products selected this year deal with security against theft, burglary and aggression, in particular with regard to the wide range of selected surveillance cameras fitted with powerful temperature and movement detection sensors that provide high-quality images (HD and 4K).  This year also features a cloud-based security alarm management platform, a high-capacity outdoor biometric reader, body scanners for use in public places which ensure people privacy, a wireless heartbeat detection system used to locate people in hiding, a smart door opening system, an integrated security management system for events and a powerful access control system capable of directly handling to 4 doors.


In the field of occupational safety, The Gallery will be presenting innovative portable gas detection systems, as well as for personal protective equipment monitoring, simulators using VR technologies to improve driving and augmented reality in safety goggles, with holographic wave guide technology. The exhibition also features a head torch, for use in difficult locations, a helmet with facial protection viewer with magnetic attachment, advanced-design hearing protection earplugs, reflective materials for night work and multifunctional fireproof clothing, as well as a wide range of materials and designs in gloves and footwear that ensure the protection and safety of workers. The selected products also include a mobile aluminium telescopic scaffold tower and a probe system used to measure static magnetic fields and for spectral analysis.


The Fire Safety and Emergenciessector will be presenting a progressive braking system designed for firewall curtains, a portable decontamination system based on a rinsing and dosage system, a powerful spotlight with different LED lights for search and rescue applications, a check tester for smoke detectors and a fire-extinguisher system for helicopters that produces a continuous high-pressure foam jet.


Description of the products selected


·        Security



MAP 5000 family of intrusion detection systems

The Modular Alarm Platform (MAP) 5000 intrusion detection system family, EN 50131 certified grade 3 and VdS class C, for high risk applications, where there is highly valuable content or which may be the target of professional thieves. Its Bosch LSN data bus wiring technology is efficient, reliable, safe and stable, as well as providing cost savings.  Its modular expansible structure means it can be easily expanded in case needs change or the project scope increases. It can also be expanded to 9000 m, with a high flexibility thanks to the CAN divider module, which provides a high reliability by isolating power outages.


DINION IP starlight 6000i IR camera

 It is a professional surveillance camera that provides HD high-quality images for demanding video surveillance and security networks. This robust bullet camera offers an excellent performance, day or night. The infrared LED enables quality night vision to 60 m. It also features Essential Video Analytics which allows detection of alerts and rapid data retrieval, as well as the BOSCH Starlight solution, ensuring images in very low light situations.



MIC IP fusion 9000i

The MIC IP fusion 9001 camera is an advanced PTZ surveillance platform designed to provide rapid detection in critical applications. It can capture dual visible/temperature images and has a smart, robust design, adequate for extreme temperatures and adverse weather conditions.


Cloud-based Services (CBS)

Cloud-based security alarm management platform (Software as a Service, SaaS), specifically developed for optimising operation times at Alarm Receiving Centers (ARC), mainly in relation to the management of alarms created by cameras with video analytics. The cameras are connected automatically to the Bosch CBS when they detect an internet connection. The rest of the setting is remote from the ARC via a qualified technician, meaning that installers need not spend time programming analytics in situ or verifying the results. This functionality allows installation cost savings of at least 30 por ciento.


High-performance Sony SNC-VB770 4K 20MP camera

Sony EN RED 4K 12MP to 20MP SNCVB770 camera with Exmor® 35 mm sensor and optimised E mount lenses and signal processor for maximum performance. Thanks to the expandable ultra-high sensitivity of ISO 409600*, SNC-VB770 provides a high minimum light of less than 0.004 lx to capture colour video 4K of 30 fps with unsurpassed detail levels, even at night or in extreme light situations vs. other options such as 4K cameras, multi sensor or thermal technology.


IP Full HD Serial V SNC-VB642D bullet camera for exteriors with 100 m IR

Full HD Serial V, SNCVB642D network bullet camera with IR range of 100 m and simultaneous white LED light (dual light) for exteriors. The CMOS Exmor R® image sensor, together with the XDNR processing, improves performance under low light conditions and achieves a minimum lighting of 0.006 lux (30 IRE) in colour mode, simultaneously with View-WD (Wide dynamic <90dB) to avoid overexposure and achieve clear images as compared to other similar cameras. Resistant to bad weather conditions, the camera offers excellent Full HD quality, high frame rate and high sensitivity, in addition to image stabilisation and dual light technology.


BY TECH DESIGN (Stand 10D14) – Arganda del Rey – Madrid


An access control system featuring controller-embedded application with capacity for up to four doors directly and up to 20 doors using 4-door DC SLAVE expansion controllers. System web setting by browser from any device, including Tablet, PC or Smartphone. It has capacity for 100 users with card and fingerprint, as well as ICP/IP communications via Ethernet.



Biometric outdoor reader, combining fingerprint biometrics with multi-spectral optical sensor and high-security proximity MIFARE Plus ® and MIFARE Plus EV1 ®. It has capacity for up to 4,000 fingerprints and is fitted with anti-phishing technology and live finger detection.

 DOM – MCM (Stand 8G40) – Vitoria, Álava

DOM Tapkey

This home electronic cylinder offers a revolutionary new way to lock and unlock home or garage doors via a Tapkey application in the Smartphone. The innovative plug-and-play solution allows a personalised digital lock to be created in just a few minutes and only three steps: download the app TAPKEY, activate the account and connect the lock device to the digital cylinder. 



Safety diaphragm for early detection of attempted theft

Electronic safety diaphragm with capacity to detect, report and delay attempted theft with violent attack on the door lock protective shield, alerting the alarm system many minutes before the thief has entered the house. The physical and electronic resistance increases the time the thief needs to burgle your home, as well as reducing the time for action at the crime scene due to the alarm system's early warning.

 LANACCESS TELECOM S.A (Stand 10D17) – Madrid

High-Availability Video System

 A professional IP video system for critical settings, comprising the following items: The CPU or server connected to hardware, software (applications) and Operating System, manage the flows generated in the video sources (cameras). The HM Cluster system, developed by Lanaccess R&D, covers both the hardware and software design. The hardware features a process card for all calculation operations: CPU, memories, physical inputs and outputs, 1 Gb/s Ethernet port, controller for up to 4 hard disks etc. The system has been designed to ensure high performance in the management of in and out flows (throughput) of around 120 Mb/s.


 MOBOTIX AG (Stand 8A11) – Langmeil – Germany

M16 Thermal TR

Smart MOBOTIX video system with powerful 50 mK temperature image sensor and, temperature radiometry and superposition with a temperature detection range of -40 to 550°C. With its dual lens system it provides simultaneous thermographic and optical imaging. The Mx6 platform allows simultaneous streaming of up to three video codes (MxPEG, MJPEG and H.264). In addition, it allows for detecting smart 3D motion, even in total darkness, through the MxActivitySensor, which comes as standard on temperature sensors.


OPTEX (EUROPE) LTD (Stand 10C02) – Berkshire – United Kingdom


RLS-2020 is a high resolution compact IP / PoE indoor-outdoor sensor, which provides a customisable virtual board or wall with a detection area of up to 20 m x 20 m. No matter what the light conditions are, this laser sensor will detect objects and persons crossing the virtual shield, activating the pre-established setting on the PTZ camera to identify the intrusion and monitor the areas. For outdoor applications, it can be set to detect small objects of up to 2 cm of target or thrown objects. It creates a customisable detection area that cannot be easily provided by other video-based sensors or detection systems, such as virtual walls or boards, both indoors and outdoors.


PROSELEC SEGURIDAD S.A (Stand 10F28) – Madrid


These are body scanners designed to improve personal security in mass transport facilities, public institutions, airports or other such locations. It automatically detects the presence and location of illicit objects (metal or non-metal hidden under the clothes of an individual. It uses a very low frequency (3 – 12 GHZ) combined with an extensive bandwidth (HWB). Its detection algorithms locate the thread over an avatar fin order to maintain personal privacy. In addition, Easy Check has no moving parts and requires a low maintenance, which reduces the overall costs of the system.


PROSESCAN S.A (Stand 10E19) – Alcorcón – Madrid

MICROSEARCH – Human Presence Detection System with Wireless Sensor

This is the fourth generation of equipment used in the detection of people hiding in vehicles or containers. The system detects the presence of non-authorised people by detecting the vibration of human heartbeats, making it ideal for border crossings, harbours and prisons. It features wireless floor and vehicle sensors that can be also exchanged by wire sensors.


SIEMENS – TECOSA (Stand 10D13) – Tres Cantos – Madrid

Surveillance Viewpoint- PSIM redefinition

Integrated event and alarm security system management. This is a full PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) software system with six key features: Compilation, analysis, verification, resolution, report and traceability of audit.   It improves security to create a full image and provide total control over each event. It combines the management of the hazard and the command and control (CoC) functions to achieve a fully geo-referenced smart system, the correlation of alarms and advanced work flows and an interactive visualisation with Multi-View


Description of the products selected


·        Work safety


3M (Stand 4B05) – Madrid

Plugs with dependence level - LEP-200

Through its integrated technology with level-dependent function, LEP-200 earplugs help improve hearing protection, making listening and communication in difficult environments much easier. This new version includes a small antenna to receive magnetic induction signals from a collar that can be connected to different devices through a 3.5 mm jack. Rechargeable in ABS storage box, with IP54, 3 AA batteries and USB, featuring different tips with a range of SNR attenuations.


Scotchlite™ Reflective Material - C790 CARBON BLACK

The patented Carbon Black technology offers a notably dark colour while maintaining high reflective levels characteristic of 3M™ Scotchlite™ technology, in darkness environments.  The material keeps elasticity and flexibility properties that allow free motion of the clothes to which it is applied.


BRUEL & KJAER IBERICA S.A (Stand 6F09) – San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid

2250-L (2250 Light) portable analyser

Modular sound level meter with applications that may be expandedto handle changing measurement needs, with permanent or temporary applications for occasional use. The analyser has been specifically developed to measure noise at work, environmental noise and that caused by machinery. It allows the measurement to be controlled without interfering with the sound field and notes to be added from any Smartphone, such as videos, photographs, voice comments, texts or GPS position.


CARRINGTON TEXITLES LTD (Stand 6B02) – Lancashire

Flametougher 280AS

The Flametougher 280AS is the new generation of longer-lasting, resistant fire-safe clothing from Carrington. Working jointly with the CORDURA® brand, the company has designed a fabric that provides a wide range of multi-functional protection for clothes which are used in a variety of environments. Certified for all relevant requirements of flame retardant, anti-static and electric arc, with a resistance to abrasion of 100,000 minimum rubbing (12 kPa). Flametougher 280AS also features a high resistance to abrasive wear and tear and high temperatures, making this clothing ideal for use in refineries and other industries requiring fire-proof and anti-static protection.


CASELLA ESPAÑA, S.A (Stand 4D01) – Madrid

RADIUS-BZ1 Area Monitor

This monitor detects up to 7 different gases simultaneously and features a great autonomy, as it allows continuous use for one week (168 hours) without needing to recharge the battery. Its acoustic alarms of 108 dB allow to alert workers in any work environment and its large screen allows to clearly view gas concentration levels, alarms and even customisable course-of-action messages, such as “Evacuate” or “Vent”. As an added value, it features the LENS™ wireless gas detection system,  allowing personal detectors and area monitors to share gas readings and alarms.


COFRA S.r.l (Stand 6D17) Barletta – Italy

Conductive footwear for potentially explosive atmospheres - SB E P C WRU HRO FO SRC


Conductive footwear is recommended for cases where it is essential to minimize the accumulation of electrostatic charges, dissipating them in the shortest time possible. Its components have been selected and developed to ensure electrical resistance close to zero. The E-MEG DOUBLE conductive lining is a double-layer ladder-proof nylon fabric. It ensures a high resistance to abrasion. The sole is made of nitrile rubber, applied and sewn directly to the vamp, resistant to 300 ° C by contact (1 minute).


DELTA PLUS (Stand 6D02) – Santapola, Alicante


This nitrile glove over cotton jersey support features flexible reinforcements for better protection against blows and pinching. It provides protection against blows in the metacarpal area; after an impact energy of 5 J, the force transmitted to the fingers cannot exceed 4 kN. The nitrile over cotton jersey support provides protection against oils and very good resistance to abrasion, air and water tightness, absorption of sweat and moisture and a better mechanical protection and greater comfort.


DRÄGUER (Stand 4C02) – Madrid

X-pid portable multigas detector


This portable detector with PID photionisation technology allows volatile organic compounds to be measured, while measuring selectively and without accessories additional substances, such as benzene or butadiene at low concentrations. It is based on gas chromatography (GC) and photionisation detection (PID) technology.


Uvex Pheos Helmet System

The new Uvex Pheos helmet system features a facial protection viewer with magnetic attachment, which allows an easy, fast and safe use. The Class 2 electric arc protection model features the option of also fitting magnetically ear protectors. It is fitted with an inner anti-fog lining (for at least 16 seconds), while the  exterior is very resistant to blows and chemicals.


Portable X-am 8000 continuous detector for up to 7 gases

 A portable advanced technology device capable of measuring continuously up to 7 different gases with internal pump, colour signalling system, screen performance guide, VOC measurement at ppb levels;, selective measurement of benzene, bluetooth connectivity with mobile APP and possibility of full fleet management. The incorporation of PID photoionisation sensor technology allows to measure the volatile organic compounds present in the air.


FEGEMU S.A (Stand 6F06) – Donostia, Guipúzcoa

ATG AD-APT Technology

Range of gloves with AD-APT® technology activated with hand motion and the temperature increase inside the glove. When hands are working, moving and air comes out from inside the tight glove, this activates the so-called breathability of 360° to remove moisture for the purpose of ensuring maximum air quality and temperature inside.


GEA QUALITY S.L.U – (Stand 6C21) – Córdoba

WP-DC probe

Probe to measure static magnetic fields and spectral analysis to 10 kHz compatible with portable SMP2 meter. SMP2 is a device which can work with different probes to cover DC (0 Hz) to 40 GHz. Applications of this product: medical (for magnetic resonance and protection implants), railway(DC power lines) and industrial.

 HONEYWELL - (Stand 10F03) - Badalona, Barcelona

BW Clip4

Portable four-gas detector that, once started, can work continuously for two years without needing to change the sensors or the batteries, helping to improve compliance with safety standards and reducing maintenance costs. It is ideal to perform oil industry work, heavy industry, sewage treatment and other applications, as it significantly reduces the maintenance costs associated with large fleets of portable gas detectors while eliminating the need for repair work and the storing of additional sensors and replacement units.



The IntelliDoX system combines smart fitting modules with Fleet Manager II software to provide automated management of instruments on compatible detectors, improving productivity, reliability and efficiency. The system is easy to install and the entire process (from setting up of five modules to the bump of the first instrument) only takes 2 minutes. Each module features its own operating system, LCD screen and internal pump, which allows to perform more than one operation simultaneously.

 Trustfit earplug

Easy-to-insert push-in earplug thanks to its exclusive soft Howard Leight foam. The plugs feature sunken tips, that shrink to be gently inserted into the ear without the needfor twisting. This feature reduces hygiene concerns and the time of insertion. The ergonomic contour adapts naturally between the thumb and the forefinger, both if light work gloves are worn or not.  Its flexible rod material pushes the foam into the ear canal to keep it in place conveniently during the work day.


IRUDEK GROUP (Stand 4C09) – Ibarra, Guipúzkoa

Irucheck – equipment control system

EPI equipment monitoring system, featuring a multi-function NFC reading system: storing EPIs and lifelines, both with Smartphone, NFC reader, and manually, comprehensive monitoring of active or working equipment; reviewing lifelines, performing reviews of equipment from the smartphone and the option to create PDFs for delivery, creating new clients, posts, locations or individual users through both platforms etc. It avoids paperwork and is used to raise awareness about the importance of performing the mandatory periodic reviews.


JUBA PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT (Stand 4B09) – Santo Domingo de la Calzada, La Rioja

H257 “Feel & Grip”

Nylon® seamless glove with latex-coated palm and ANR (Advanced Natural Rubber) technology, providing an excellent grip and high resistance to abrasion and tearing. The micro-cup palm design provides an excellent grip with any surface. Its flexibility, lightness and fresh touch make it a very comfortable glove, with a high breathability level, thanks to its nylon® support, which in turn reduces hand fatigue. It features Actifresh treatment, that neutralises bad odours and removes the bacteria caused by sweat, with Sanitized treatment to prevents skin irritation.


LEBON INTERNATIONAL (Stand 6E22) – Luxembourg


Seamless gauge 13 knitted glove with 100 por ciento Textra®/stainless steel/elastane filament, CLEAN PU® grey polyurethane coating on the palm and fingers, natural split cowhide reinforcement on the palm, with free fingertips, PEHD thread and extra-long elastic cuff with colour edging to differentiate sizes. In addition, in order to cover 100 por ciento of the possible needs of users and maximise its functions, it features SCREENTECH technology, which allows the use of touchscreen devices without taking off the gloves.


NITREX SEGURIDAD LABORAL S.L (Stand 4A04) – Irún, Guipuzkoa

Gama Polyflex Hydro by Polyco

Protective gloves manufactured using Hydro technology that makes its supporting fabric repellent to liquids, maintaining breathability and comfort in the gloves. In addition, it provides touch sensitivity in the fingers through carbon filaments, which makes them suitable for use with touchscreens.


PETZL ESPAÑA, S.L (Stand 4A06) – Barcelona

Duo Z1 Headlamp

Head lamp for demanding environments, such as ATEX zone 1/21 explosive atmospheres. These lamps are waterproof, with an IP67 index, and 5 lighting modes. The maximum power of 360 lm ensures the light reaches up to 115 m. Lamps can be used for up to 23 hours thanks to the rechargeable battery with charge indicator: Li-ion 3.7 V,  6,400 mAh / 23.68 Wh. They features CONSTANT LIGHTING technology, which ensures light performance does not decrease through the battery charge, as well as a saving mode, with light flow of 10 lm for 1:30 h. They also feature FACE2FACE technology, a new development in hands-free lighting systems, which allows for several operators to be face-to-face with any lighting system and without glare.


PONS SEGURIDAD VIAL (Stand 6E02A) – Madrid

One & One Virtual Reality Simulator

Driving simulator that, thanks to its advanced software allows real situations, such as  aquaplaning, rain or fog, to be recreated and to test the vehicle's  active security systems, such as ABS or EPS, with no risk for the person receiving the training. Thanks to the use of a real vehicle, essential areas such as ergonomics and positioning may be tested, while thanks to the individualised training, better learning is attained and subsequently a lower risk of events.  The aim is to raise awareness about the risks faced during daily driving and update road safety knowledge.


 TENDO- TUBESCA – COMABI – (6A09)- Tarazona – Zaragoza


Mobile aluminium telescopic scaffold tower and application for industrial and construction sectors. It features a non-slip platform with railing and toe board as required by law and is supported on wheels with stabilizers which secure the operator when working at heights up to 4.8 m, at intervals of about 20 cm. A single person can load and unload the platform, as well as assembling it in three minutes from the floor, as it has no part breakdowns.


TRÁCTEL IBÉRICA S.A (Stand 4B11) - L’Hospitalet, Barcelona

High-Capacity PPE range

To meet market demand for fall protection systems, TRACTEL® launches the new fall protection High-Capacity 150 Kg PPE range. It has been tested to withstand a fall of up to 150 kg (weight of a user with the equipment), with an impact of less than 600 daN. Due to the size and weight increase of people, the conventional fall protection equipment tested at 100 kg is not always sufficient. The company must guarantee the resistance of fall protection equipment available to their employees to reflect the weight increase of the work equipment.

UNIVET SRL (Stand 4B21) – Rezzato, Italy

Univet Vision AR

Smart safety goggles featuring Sony holographic wave guide technology to make the first augmented reality safety goggles. Their operation is simple, they are safety goggles and goggle covers that will protect wearers from possible blows in compliance with EN and ANSI standards and that will project real-time information on work needs on an inner screen. Their applications are unlimited, from working at warehouses where users can see the picking list on the viewer and marking the items, viewing statistics on machines while running, rescue operations, the medical sector etc.


·        Fire protection


AICON SITEMAS S.L (Stand 8C17) - Òdena, Barcelona

Progressive braking device for closures

Designed for use in fire protection systems, in particular for activating firewall curtains with motors, operated via a control panel, to open and close the curtain. These motors allow the curtain to be closed at a controlled speed that does not cause damage to people or materials. The same closing result can also be obtained at a controlled speed with the motor and control panel, with no electric or electronic element. This enables the installation of this type of closure in explosive atmosphere areas (ATEX) or areas with special requirements in terms of electrical parts.

 AXATON S.L (Stand 8D13) - Carmona, Seville

Decon PRO/Pak

Portable decontamination system based on the application, rinsing and dosage of an agent that has been specially developed for general decontamination of staff and fire-fighting equipment. The flow is controlled by a rotating grip valve that also works as a carrying handle. The cleaning agents are added through a filling system ithat features a screen showing wastage. This equipment can work without need for more than two agents in the vicinity and only requires a small storage area. It only uses soapy water and does not need to include any other chemical product which is harmful to the health.


HISPAMAST S.L (Stand 8A12) - Madrid

Duoled 100W

The Duoled 100W is specifically designed for installation on FIRECO telescopic masts for search and rescue applications, as well as for lighting large work areas. It features a white light for normal environmental conditions and a yellow light for work in fog, improving contrast and visibility for rescue team activities. Each LED features a special lens which allows greater reach, avoiding unwanted light dispersion. Due to the high performance per watt of energy used, the most important new feature is the possibility of choosing the light colour temperature, which can be adapted to any type of environment condition.


INGSTROM RESCATE S.L (Stand 8A09) - Muchamiel, Alicante

Solo 365 – 001

Smoke detector checker that, through its sensor, starts to generate sufficient smoke to cause the detector to operate thanks to a non-pressurised smoke cartridge installed in the equipment. Designed to be compatible with the growing number of sophisticated detectors now available in the market, it is lighter, faster in detector tests and suitable for more applications. Its multiple features include an Auto-start, that, when checking that automatically starts the test when the detector is within range, a Delete start mode for non-standard modes in detectors and ASD system tests and a Delete mode, to remove re-alarms. It features a flexible head and an automatic LED torch for testing in dark areas.

 VALLFIREST TECNOLOGÍAS FORESTALES, S.L (Stand 8D09) - Santa María de Palautordela - Barcelona

Leo System

Fire-fighting system for helicopters that produces a continuous high-pressure foam jet.  When producing fully expanded and homogeneous Class A foam, all its advantages as fire extinguisher are used, with the possibility of choosing a foam-forming liquid concentration of 0.1 por ciento to 1 por ciento. The pilot controls foam generation with a single control and can change the pressure and flow rate as desired to better adapt it to the type of fire fuel. If necessary, it can also spray a very effective atomised water jet. For its size, it is designed to be used in helicopters with maximum barycentric hook loads of over 1000 kg. It consists of three modules: Engine Module, Tank Module and Foam Dispenser Module.