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09 February 2018

SICUR 2018 grows and celebrates one of their most powerful and representative editions

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More innovations, offerings and more companies in all the sectors represented in the fair: Security-Defence; Fire Prevention-Emergency, Safety at Work

The Trade Show will gather new products from 640 companies, 11 por ciento more than in 2016, covering a surface area that adds to the 24 por ciento growth experienced in its last edition, a further increase of 13 por ciento

The direct presence of international companies increases by 38 por ciento and this year represents 28 por ciento of participation at SICUR

Organized by IFEMA, SICUR 2018 will be held from 20 to 23 of February 2018 in Feria de Madrid

Between the days 20 to 23 of February, SICUR 2018 will turn the halls of Feria de Madrid into one of the most complete international showcases in the sector of safety at work since this Trade Show, organized by IFEMA, is experiencing important growth, aligned with signs of recovery of the market. This can be seen in the greatest business participation, offerings of new features, contents and activities that this edition comprises, which is one of the most powerful and representative of the last years.


In this sense, it is necessary to emphasize the direct participation of 640 companies, 11 por ciento more than in 2016,  who will offer a great display of products, equipment, services and solutions in the three great segments gathered by SICUR -Security-Defence, Fire Prevention-Emergency Security, and Safety at Work which also appear remarkably stronger in this edition. 


The fair promotes, in addition, international participation, which increases 38 por ciento and that represents, this year, 28 por ciento of the exhibiting companies at SICUR.


In terms of surface area, SICUR 2018 consolidates the growth of the 24 por ciento experienced in 2016 and  increases the space occupied again by 13 por ciento this year.


Among the different innovations that will be presented at SICUR, the Gallery of New Products will show an interesting perspective of the progress represented as the result of the research and development work of the companies in the security sector who exhibit at SICUR.  On this occasion, the Gallery highlights 45 highly innovative proposals in design and technology, of which 16 correspond to the Security sector; 24 to Safety at Work, and 5 to Fire Prevention and Emergencies.


Furthermore, the progressive interrelation of information technologies and communications with different fields on security, and, consequently the appearance of new risks and threats, is the central theme of the new space SICUR CYBER, a point of contact with Cyber Security, organized in collaboration with ISMS Forum, which will allow contact with companies supplying solutions, as well as to know the current challenges and solutions of a whole team of professional experts who will participate in the programme of conferences, discussions and workshops.


The analysis and also the discussion of everything that occurs around the security sector will also have its best reference in SICUR FORUM,  a varied and complete programme of activities integrated into 20 Technical Conferences, which will deal with topics ranging from the main  new legislation in relation to the protection against fires; tendencies in active and passive defence and forest fires, all relating to fire, to PPEs and their commercialization, preventive activity, health at work, or the development of a programme of practical workshops for those working in prevention, in the area of safety at work.


SICUR FORUM will also dedicate different sessions to the world of emergencies in order to talk about the evacuation of people with disabilities, and the protection of patrimony;  presentations focused on the new challenges of terrorism from the point of view of emergencies and necessary safety measures;  the Protection of Critical Infrastructures will be discussed and success stories from different occasions from the security forces will be presented, among other activities that will offer professionals a real platform for training and information, which over four days will put security in the professional and social spotlight.


Coinciding with SICUR, the first edition of SMART DOORS, Doors and Automatics International Exhibition, is being held, and is another attraction for professionals from the world of security, since the offerings displayed in this Trade Show will gather the latest in fire-resistant doors, as well as innovations in automatic doors in general, with technological proposals and key solutions for physical security of any establishment in domestic and professional spheres.