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12 April 2024

Technological training improves company security

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Training private security personnel in the latest technologies is crucial to improve the operability of companies, adapt to threats, be more competitive in the security market and provide more effective protection, according to a Segurilatam survey.

The technological training of private security personnel is one of the main challenges of the sector. This is what 58% of respondents surveyed by Segurilatam on LinkedIn believe. 38% of the professionals on the social media site who participated in a new survey think that training workers in the sector on the latest technologies results in better operability for companies.

Segurilatam asked LinkedIn users why companies in the sector should train private security staff in the use of the latest technology. Respondents to the survey said that training contributed to improving operability (33%), adapting to threats (26%), being more competitive (23%) and protecting more efficiently (18%).

Advantages of the technology

Among other things, technology provides the following advantages to the companies in the sector: advanced surveillance, smart access control, automatic patrol management, predictive data analysis and automation of administrative processes.

Latest generation security cameras, equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) and real-time video analysis, allow more precise surveillance of assets. This in turn helps detect and prevent intruders or suspicious activities faster and more efficiently.  Access control systems  based on biometric technologies or smart cards also guarantee safer access management. In this way, the risk of intruders is reduced and it is easier to monitor the entrance and exit of workers and visitors.

Through the use of mobile applications and GPS devices, private security companies can supervise and manage patrols more efficiently. This allows for more complete coverage of the protected area and a faster incident response time. As such, the data analysis tools allow private security companies to identify patterns and trends to detect potential threats or vulnerabilities. This means that informed decisions can be made and preventative measures implemented.

Finally, cloud-based management systems are capable of automating administrative tasks such as programming on-call services, generating reports and managing inventories. In this way both time and resources can be saved, allowing personnel to focus on more important activities.