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15 February 2018

Renowned experts in Cybersecurity participate at the new SICUR CYBER event at SICUR 2018

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A point of contact to talk about Cybersecurity, to examine challenges and threats and to learn about solutions

SICUR, organised by IFEMA, will be held from the upcoming 20 to 23 February in Feria de Madrid

SICUR CYBER, the new space including the next edition of the International Security, Safety and Fire Exhibition, SICUR 2018, will offer companies and professionals a point of contact to talk about Cybersecurity, to examine the challenges and threats, and to learn about solutions directly from a team of professional experts who will take part in the conference programme, discussions and workshops.


In this way SICUR, organised by IFEMA and held on the upcoming 20 to 23 February at the Feria de Madrid, enriches its wide range of offerings in the world of security with the very latest, interesting content for all the professional sectors and also for general society. 


The programme, organised by ISMS Forum, Spanish Association for the Advancement of Information Security, and sponsored by MAPFRE FOUNDATION, SOPHOS, SYMANTEC and FORCEPOINT, will focus on four thematic lines that will be held at the same time as the four-day celebration of SICUR, in morning sessions.


On the first day or Cyber Day, Daniel Largacha, director of the Cyber Security Centre of ISMS Forum, will speak aboutCiberseguridad como eje de la Transformación Digital Empresarial” (Cybersecurity as an axis of Digital Business transformation). Daniel Largacha also will moderate a debate onCiber-riesgos en el entorno empresarial” (Cyber-risks in a business setting) which will count on the participation of Raphael Bauer, director of business development in Mapfre companies; Elena García, responsible for cybersecurity services for INCIBE companies and professionals,  and Ángel Pérez, CISO at Abertis Motorways. 


In addition, David Moreno, CISO at Cortefiel, will give the presentation

Cyber Security Challenges 2018” (); Alberto Ruiz, pre-sales engineer in Spain and Portugal at Sophos, will talk about the subjectInteligencia en la Nube para hacer frente a las ciberamenazas” (Intelligence on the Cloud to fight online threats), and María Taberna, industrial IoT Cyber security director at Oylo, will close the session with her presentation onCiberseguridad en entornos de Control Industrial” (Cybersecurity in Industrially Controlled surroundings).


Wednesday 21 February, - Data Protection Day - will be dedicated to Nuevo marco normativo europeo de protección de datos” (New European framework of data protection) given by Noemí Brito Izquierdo, member of the Data Privacy Institute, who in addition will act as a moderator for the discussion on Adaptación tecnológica ante el nuevo marco normativo europeo de Protección de Datos” (Technological Adaptation to the new European framework of  Data Protection), with the participation of Roberto Baratta, director of loss prevention, continuity and security at Abanca and Grupo Banesco; Rafael Hernández, CISO at Cepsa, and Carlos A. Saiz, director at Data Privacy Institute.


In this session the subject “Data Breach Notification y el impacto en el negocio” (Data Breach Notification and its impact on business) will also be discusses in the talk by Pedro López Saez, representing Complutense University (UCM), as well as “Tratamiento de datos: Analiza el riesgo, evalúa el impacto” (Data processing: Analyze the risk, evaluate the impact) in the speech by Esmeralda Saracíbar, partner at Ecix Group and member of the Data Privacy Institute.


During the Cloud, Mobility & IoT Day, which will be held on the morning of Thursday 22 February, Josep Bardallo, CISO at Grupo Recoletas, Security Manager at SVT Cloud and member of Cloud Security Alliance Spain, will participate talking aboutRetos de la seguridad en la Nube” (Challenges of security in the cloud), and will focus on the Retos de la ciberseguridad y la protección de datos en un mundo conectado” (Challenges of cybersecurity and data protection in a connected world) in a discussion moderated by Paloma Llaneza, member of Razona Legal Tech and member of the Centre for Mobility Studies and IoTwith the participation of Jorge Hurtado, VP at S21sec and member of the Centre for Mobility Studies and IoT; Juan Manuel Zarzuelo, risk advisory manager at EY and member of the Centre for Mobility Studies and IoT, and Rafael Santos, head of computer science security at the Ministry of Development and member of the Centre for Mobility Studies and IoT.


Also within the framework of the Cloud, Mobility & IoT Day, Ramsés Gallego, strategist & security evangelist at Symantec will tak about “Cómo prevenir la fuga y el robo de información” (How to prevent leakage and the robbery of information) and the Novedades del nuevo Reglamento Europeo de Protección de Datos” (New features of the new European Regulation for Data Protection) will be examined by Carlos A. Saiz, director of the Data Privacy Institute.


The programme will end on Friday 23 February or Awareness Day, to be focused on conferences such as “IOT, por favor pase hasta la cocina” (IOT, please come right in) developed by Francisco Lázaro, CISO at RENFE and director of the Centre for Mobility Studies and IoT; Principales amenazas para la ciberseguridad del usuario en la Nube” (Main threats for user cybersecurity on the Cloud) organised by Diego Bueno, member of Cloud Security Alliance Spain, and “Ciberseguridad en IoT” (Cybersecurity in IoT), discussed by José Ramón Monleón, CISO at Orange and member of the Board of directors of ISMS Forum.


In addition, challenges in the field of Cybersecurity will subject to analysis in the conference day offered by SICUR for critical infrastructure protection organised by CNPIC.