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27 January 2022

SICUR 2022 Presents Its Complete and Representative INNOVATION GALLERY

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Organized by IFEMA MADRID, SICUR 2022 will be held from February 22 to 25, 2022, at the Fairgrounds.

A jury of professional experts from different sectors has selected 31 products. Ten are for Fire & Emergency Safety, fifteen for Security and six for Occupational Safety.


As at previous editions, SICUR’s Innovation Gallery will provide an engaging perspective on the advances in research, development and innovation by companies in the security sector. It is part of the International Security Exhibition organised by IFEMA MADRID from 22nd to 25th February, at the Exhibition Centre.

This year, a jury of professional experts from different sectors has assessed the exhibiting companies’ entries and selected 31 that stand out for their high degree of innovation in design and technology. By sector, ten of these products apply to the field of Fire & Emergency Safety, fifteen are for Security, and six for Occupational Safety.

Among the innovations in Fire & Emergency Safety, this year’s Gallery highlights Rapid Bracket for installing fire detectors by Activi Security and Systems SL. It drastically reduces costs and eliminates the need for unsightly access hatches. The TOO Fuel Indicator valve separates water in hydrocarbon storage tanks. The BERMAD 450-80 hydraulic valve is used to fill water storage tanks for PCI Services. Both these are by Alfa Bienes y Servicios, SL. Buff presents its FIRE-FIGHTER PARTICULATE HOOD balaclava with powerful flame retardant properties and is highly recommended for fire-fighters. Denios presents its DENIOS Connect system for storing hazardous products.

There are also three entries from Siemens. SINORIX SDU is an advanced extinguishing system that avoids any structural damage to the building in which it is installed. SINORIX LIBESS is a combined detection and extinguishing system for fire protection in containers with lithium-ion batteries. DESIGO CC with Real-time BIM Viewer is a management platform for ensuring the safety and productivity of a building’s facilities more efficiently.

In this sector, the Gallery also presents the SHUB stabilisation system by Urban Technology, SL, for working quickly and safely with a standard spreader as a lifting device. Fendium polymer-enhanced steel pipe by Viking provides enhanced corrosion protection for increased durability and efficiency in fire extinction systems.

In the Security field, the jury has selected the V-Lock for industrial vehicles that uses ultra-secure technology from Accesorios y Resortes, SL (AYR). There are two new products from Ajax Systems: a security system control panel for wireless devices, Ajax Hub 2 Plus, and a wireless outdoor motion detector with an integrated camera for monitoring alarms, the MotionCam Outdoor.

From Bosch Service Solutions, the Innovation Gallery features the FLEXIDOME IP 8000i X camera that perfectly balances high resolution with sensitivity to extremely low light using starlight technology and its data-based video management system that uses predictive solutions, the BVMS Map-Based Tracking Assistant.

To complete the Security showcase, there are also robotics innovations, with the BlackBird solution by Casmar Electrónica. BlackBird is a fully autonomous drone that can respond quickly and automatically to alarm events. There are also three proposals from Dahua Iberia: the Dahua ITC431 AI Enforcement Camera for road enforcement with two-lane coverage and capturing images of vehicles up to 120 km/h. Their PT9621 Thermal series combines a thermal camera for surveillance in total darkness and an optical camera to confirm details up close, while the Dahua Radar series provides global wide-range monitoring.

Other entries in the Security sector include DORLET’s Virtual Credentials smartphone system for iOS and Android, Trucal Technology for XCell sensors, by GEA QUALITY SLU, which significantly reduces toxic gas leak detection failures, and the Unicorn integrated surveillance platform, by LONG XIANG EXPORTACION IMPORTACION 10/10. OPTEX SECURITY is showing its highly accurate REDSCAN Pro laser sensor for intrusion detection with LiDAR technology. The 02PN20v3 arch metal detector from Siemens has an integrated fever detection system. ZKTeco presents its FMD 1.0 mobile phone detector.

In the Occupational Safety category, the SICUR Gallery presents FLY LITEBASE MATRYX LOW by Diadora Utility, which combines the lightness of a safety shoe with maximum performance. The Combi Prime ultra-compact telescopic aluminium stepladder and the Lock Jaw Ladder accessory for fixing ladders in support position to gutters are both by Hispano Industrias Svelt SL. The G7c Connected Personal Monitor provides direct connectivity using its SIM card. The ISens wireless gas sensor with real-time cloud software functions are from Sensotran, S.L. The SV104 personal noise dosimeter is by Svantek Spain.



Activi Seguridad y Sistemas SL. Stand - 8A07

Product: Rapid Bracket

A bracket for fixing fire detectors on false ceilings, it is compatible with almost all ceiling types and a wide variety of models. It significantly reduces installation costs and eliminates the need for unsightly access hatches, and has a modern-looking finish. Rapid Bracket weighs only 1.2 kg in its tallest form. It can mount detectors up to 128 mm in diameter. It has an intelligent fastening design for mounting on ceilings with thicknesses from 8mm to 32mm, and rapid device maintenance and testing.

Alfa Bienes y Servicios, S.L. Stand - 8G02

Product: TOO Fuel Indicator

The TOO separation valve separates water in hydrocarbon storage tanks. The valve’s design gives a tight and flexible seal to prevent any spillage of hydrocarbons into the containment basins. It eliminates contact with any aerosols and vapours generated by these products.

Alfa Bienes y Servicios, S.L, Product 2: BERMAD 450-80

FP-450-80 is a hydraulic valve designed explicitly for Fire Protection Services. The most popular application for the valve is filling water storage tanks for fire protection services. The valve design provides a flexible and leak-proof seal based on the novel VRSD (Vulcanized Radial Seal Disk) technology which employs rubber-based materials to produce a solid radially-vulcanised disc. The valve is hydraulically operated and remains closed as long as the tank maintains a water level. The Bermad Model 80 pilot control can open and close the valve according to the difference in pressure exerted by the water, depending on the height of the water in the tank.

Buff, Stand – 6 B07


Balaclava (hood) with flame retardant properties, consisting of two layers of a mixture of Dupont aramid fibres, flame retardant viscose, antistatic fibres, and elastane. In head and neck areas most exposed to toxic particles, there is an intermediate layer of Nomex Nano Flex® material that acts as a protective barrier, keeping harmful nanoparticles away from the wearer’s skin. This product is especially suitable for structural fire-fighters requiring rugged protection in environments with heat hazards.

Denios, Stand - 4B14

Product: DENIOS Connect

This is a storage system for hazardous substances. Regardless of whether the user is on the premises or not, DENIOS Connect’s active sensors continuously monitor the product storage conditions: inside temperature, gas concentrations, and spills. If a fault occurs, DENIOS Connect sends a real-time alarm by SMS or e-mail to the user’s smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Siemens, S.A. Stand -  10E11

Product 1: SINORIX SDU

An extinguisher cut-off system to eliminate the need for over- and under-pressure grids in systems with Novec 1230 extinguishing agent. Extinguishing systems using Novec TM 1230 extinguishing agent need depression and overpressure relief grids. This is because discharge of the agent causes both effects to avoid possible structural damage to the building in which they are installed, especially in the case of rooms constructed with fragile materials, such as plasterboard or glass. The Sinorix TM SDU (Smart Discharge Unit) system has a liquid phase sensor and PLC controller that can stop the propellant gas outlet after discharge of the extinguishing agent to prevent the nitrogen propellant being discharged into the hazard area, reducing or avoiding the need for pressure relief grids.

Siemens, Product 2: SINORIX LIBESS

A combined detection and extinguishing system for fire protection in containers with lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion battery power storage systems cover a wide range of applications, including stationary energy storage in smart grids and UPS. These systems combine high-energy materials with highly flammable electrolytes, so there is a potential fire hazard that significantly impacts an installation’s viability.

Siemens, Product 3: DESIGO CC Management Platform with Real-Time BIM Viewer

Desigo CC is the integration platform designed by Siemens to support in-building facility management needs for HVAC, lighting, fire protection, electrical and security installations. Desigo CC helps ensure safety and productivity more efficiently. Desigo CC’s customisable interface supports multiple user profiles to provide each user with the critical information they need at their fingertips. Its easy-to-read workflow interface shows each event’s severity and category. It also shows the number of unrecognised events in the building.

Urban Technology, SL Stand - 8D21


A simple and effective solution for working quickly and safely with a standard spreader as a lifting device. Quick and easy to use due to its light weight and small dimensions, the SHUB is handy for everyone. The operator does not have to adjust anything, and the spreader fits into the SHUB and can be lifted directly. The SHUB can stand on an uneven surface because the inclination angle is adjusted automatically, ensuring safety as the spreader cannot move. 

Viking, Stand - 8B00

Product:  Fendium Polymer-Enhanced Steel Pipes

Fendium steel pipes with integrated polymer are the solution for protecting against corrosion both inside and out as they have an integrated polymer layer. Correctly used, Fendium pipes have a considerably longer service life than those that have not been fully treated. Viking provides a ten-year corrosion warranty for their Fendium tubing (*subject to agreement), far exceeding the industry standard. Fendium increases the durability, safety and efficiency of fire suppression systems.


Accesorios y Resortes, S.L, stand - 10F11

Product: AYR V-LOCK Industrial Vehicle Lock

AYR’s V-LOCK is a security lock for cargo compartments in industrial vehicles. It uses ultra-secure NFC-UF technology instead of conventional mechanical key cylinders. It uses bracelets rather than keys, and locking is automatic, giving it significant advantages over mechanical locks.

Ajax Systems, Stand - 10H08

Product 1: Ajax Hub 2 Plus

Hub 2 Plus is a security system control panel for Ajax wireless devices. It acts as a hub to coordinate communication between a security system and Ajax applications through its cloud server, navigates the cooperation of system devices, automates security, and supports visual alarm verification. The Hub 2 Plus is suitable for both small installations and those as large as those requiring Grade 2 protection. It is capable of protecting even the most complex premises in business centres, factories, and multi-story villas with outbuildings. The new hub can control up to 200 devices.

Ajax Systems, Product:  MotionCam Outdoor

MotionCam Outdoor is a wireless outdoor motion detector with an integrated camera for alarm verification. It has MotionCam Outdoor motion detection, two PIR sensors and an exclusive algorithm to filter out thermal interference and ignore pets, a two-way radio protocol based on TDMA: 0.15-second alarm transmission, radio frequency hopping, and interference detection. Up to 200 MotionCam Outdoor detectors can communicate collision-free within one system. Visual verification. A series of up to five photos is sent after a motion alarm and displayed in the Ajax application. A built-in HDR camera with a wide-angle lens takes sharp pictures in any weather. A powerful IR backlight is activated if shooting in low light.

Bosch Service Solutions S.A.U, Stand - 10 E14

Product 1: 8000i X Series

The FLEXIDOME IP 8000i X camera has a 1/1.8” sensor, HDR X technology, and 4.1 MP resolution. It provides a perfect balance between high resolution and extremely low illumination sensitivity with starlight X technology, ensuring highly-detailed images even in the most challenging situations. HDR X enables the camera to capture video with a wide dynamic range at different light levels without HDR artefacts and motion blur on moving objects. Easy capture of fast-moving objects with a frame rate of up to 60 frames per second at the same 4.1 MP resolution.

Bosch Service Solutions SA Product 2: BVMS Map-Based Tracking Assistant

BVMS is a data-driven video management system that supports predictive solutions by establishing a decision centre delivering actionable insights to customers so they can make informed decisions. With BVMS 11.0, operators can easily prevent, detect, and solve security and safety-related incidents by visualising the right information at the right time. The modular, resilient system offers maximum security through its seamless integration possibilities with the broadest range of security domains and applications. This means it can add value at every touch-point, from video management and access control to intrusion detection and crowd control. Its newly-released map-based tracking assistant ensures operators will never lose track of moving objects and people across multiple cameras.

Casmar Electrónica, Stand  - 10 E02

Product: Casmar BlackBird

Blackbird is a Robotic Aviation Security solution, a fully-autonomous drone with the ability to respond quickly and automatically to alarm events. It performs flight missions of scheduled rounds and allows live video streaming to multiple users simultaneously, with one visible and one thermal camera. The entire process is autonomous: take-off, patrolling, landing, and reloading. It is an excellent solution for perimeter protection and surveillance rounds for security or maintenance of facilities. It is also a suitable security solution for law enforcement and public safety.

Dahua Iberia, SL Stand - 10F06

Product 1: Dahua ITC431 AI Enforcement Camera

The Dahua ITC431 AI enforcement camera is suitable for roadway scenarios as each camera can cover two lanes and can detect vehicles at speeds up to 120 km/h. Traffic flow detection can generate statistics on vehicle flow, average speed, vehicle type, lane occupancy, average headway time, average queue length, and road condition. Traffic event detection includes illegal stopping of motor vehicles on the road, traffic congestion detection, and timely detection of potential accidents to ensure traffic safety. Video metadata include vehicle type, colour and brand or logo, plenty of attributes to facilitate vehicle tracking and searching.

Dahua Iberia, S.L,  Product 2:  Thermal Series PT9621

Featuring a dual-lens PTZ camera, this series combines a thermal camera for monitoring in total darkness and an optical camera to confirm details up close, providing an all-in-one solution that is especially beneficial for long-distance video surveillance in outdoor applications. The selection of a laser range finder with a 640×512 cooled thermal sensor can detect a vehicle 20 km away and a human-sized target at 8 km in great detail. AI functions include tripwire violations, intrusion, automatic tracking, people and vehicle classification. It can satisfy real requirements and makes video analysis efficient and accurate.

Dahua Iberia, S.L.   Product 3: Dahua Radar Series

This radar solution is based on the customer’s weak points, with an independent radar tracking and monitoring program for trajectory tracking, combined with the video tracking of the PTZ camera. Provides wide-range, high-accuracy, 24/7 global monitoring.

Dorlet, Stand - 10 E13

Product: Virtual Credentials

Smartphone system for iOS and Android. It can be used with NFC and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technologies, eliminating the need for physical cards and offering users and administrators greater convenience and security. It can be used in both OnTouch (proximity) and Button (remote) modes. Easy deployment of credentials (from DASSnet®) based on invitation e-mail. It has a capacity of up to 65,000 online readers and 65,000 wireless DOC (Dorlet On Card) readers per user on a single DMA (Dorlet Mobile Access) credential.

Gea Quality SLU, Stand - 4D25

Product: Trucal Technology for XCell Sensors

XCell® sensors with TruCal technology significantly reduce toxic gas leak detection failures by automatically performing periodic self-checks on the sensor to monitor its input. In this way, they can identify potential blockages that can prevent gas detection without manual checks.

This technology achieves several benefits: calibration intervals can be extended, and functional checks are no longer necessary as the user can be confident that the sensor is in good condition, measures accurately, and can detect gas. This is achieved by combining internal electronic sensor checking functionality (pulse checks) with an acoustic system that checks for blockages that would prevent gas from reaching the sensor (diffusion supervision).

Long Xiang Exportación Importación -  Stand - 10H06 – 10H06

Product: Unicorn

Unicorn is an integrated surveillance platform with video inputs, storage and transfer and device management. It can connect and manage up to a thousand devices and two thousand HD video channels. It features Unified Camera Management, NVR, an easy recognition terminal, decoder, cloud devices, alarm panels, and door access control. Its main applications are in the retail, hotel and building management sectors. Its main innovation is its versatility and the capacity to connect up to 128 facial recognition terminals and a thousand IP devices in a single unit. It can receive and process up to a hundred images of vehicles or faces per second.

Optex Security BV Stand - 10G12

Product:  REDSCAN Pro

REDSCAN Pro is a laser intrusion detection sensor that uses LiDAR technology to provide highly accurate detection even in difficult weather conditions, changing lighting, and complete darkness. The sensor can be mounted indoors or outdoors and has a detection range of up to a hundred metres in standard mode, allowing several large areas to be protected with a single sensor. The built-in assistance camera can record alarm events on the device and save records as well as pre- and post-event photos and videos. The camera can also be used to adjust the sensor settings.

Siemens, Stand -  10 E11

Product: 02PN20v3

This arch metal detector has a built-in automatic system to detect people with fever. The 02PN20v3 is a high-performance arch with powerful detection capabilities for dangerous metal objects (firearms, knives). It also has excellent discrimination to avoid false alarms so frequent with CEIA. It also includes two additional features: a video camera to display a real-time video image of people passing through the archway and a thermal imaging camera for a real-time alarm if the person passing through the archway exceeds the set temperature threshold.

ZKTeco Europe, Stands - 10E05 + 10D09

Product: FMD 1.0

The FMD 1.0 is a cell phone detector designed for quick deployment as a stand-alone portable unit. It is compact, so one person can carry it, reducing operating costs. It has an intuitive display and a simple, robust interface. From exhibitions to conferences, from nightclubs to corporate events, from government facilities to private property, warehouses and cargo centres, prisons and correctional facilities, FMD 1.0 is an innovative checking solution for enhanced security.


Diadora Utility, Stand -  4E30


Diadora Utility’s FLY safety footwear range combines light weight with maximum performance. It was created to be a revolutionary product for the occupational safety sector: a product with a sporty design and unprecedented lightness, a synthesis of innovation, technology, comfort, and performance. FLY Litebase Matryx low S3 SRA SRC ESD is a low S3 water-repellent safety shoe made of Matryx multi-fibre technical fabric, breathable, water-repellent and abrasion-resistant. This shoe has a weight of 365 g (S3 - half pair), and there is also an S1P version with a weight of 355 g (half pair).

Hispano Industrias Svelt, S.L. - Stand - 4A10

Product 1: COMBI PRIME

An ultra-compact telescopic aluminium stepladder with a triangular profile resistant to twisting and ageing. This ladder uses a patented telescopic system with a triangular tube profile to avoid twisting, making its structure robust and durable. This ladder can be extended to the desired height section-by-section. It is very compact when closed and can be carried comfortably under the arm.

Hispano Industrias Svelt SL, Product 2: Lock Jaw Ladder

An accessory for anchoring ladders leaning on gutters. It consists of a system of hooks and clamps and locking mechanisms and is easy to install. It anchors the ladder to the gutter so that the user can climb off it and onto a roof to work without the danger of losing balance and falling. Lock Jaw Ladder Grip is a system of hooks to anchor the ladder to the roof gutter so that the ladder is fixed, and the operator can climb up and down the ladder repeatedly until the job is completed. There is no need for a second operator to stand at the bottom of the ladder to hold it, except on the first ascent to position the hooks and the last descent after removing them when the work is finished.

Sensotran, S.L. Stand -4E20

Product 1: G7c Connected Personal Monitor.

The most innovative feature of this device is its direct connectivity using its multi-operator SIM card and its GPS module, which enables: Switch on and ready-to-go, real-time fleet monitoring from anywhere, real-time alerts by SMS and e-Mail, direct, automatic cloud data storage and organisation in automated Blackline Analytics reports, automated data logging, remote device management (firmware configuration and updates), compliance panel calibration and bump test in real time, two-way hands-free voice calls, several devices in one, gas detection, dead man’s switch, panic button, GPS, walkie talkie, emergency mobile phone, mass notifications to field devices, self-monitoring with real-time map alerts with visual and acoustic control room alerts, and 24/7/365 monitoring with Blackline staff available.

Sensotran, S.L, Product 2: ISens

A wireless gas detector with cloud software for real-time functions. It has a built-in LoRa modem with a range up to 7 km, optional 2G/3G/4G multi-operator SIM card with GSM booster for direct connectivity and cloud communications, alkaline battery power supply, IP67, temperature and humidity sensor. It can be configured with over thirty sensors to detect toxic gases, explosives and volatile organic compounds. It has cloud-based software for control, monitoring, configuration and data analysis, GPS tracking map and real-time device status, customised planimetry of the customer’s installation, automatic sending of notifications and alerts to cell phones and by e-Mail, automated data collection with access to Sensotrak, and mass, group or individual device configuration using a web interface.

Svantek España, S.L. Stand - 4F19

Product: SV104B

The SV104B, in standard and ATEX versions, is a personal noise dosimeter compliant with the Welmec Guide (software certification) and with the ICT/155/2020 (Legal Metrology in Spain). It is Bluetooth® compatible to communicate with the Assistant smartphone app. For occupational noise measurements to ISO 9612 and Royal Decree 286:2006, as well as OSHA, MSHA and ACGIH regulations, all settings are configurable using the PC software and can be stored in the dosimeter’s memory as configuration files that can be selected directly from the dosimeter’s keypad. The dosimeter has a very robust MEMS microphone with a lifetime warranty. A built-in triaxial vibration accelerometer detects all vibrations affecting noise measurement results. They are logged in the result history to be easily excluded from dose calculations. It also has an accelerometer to detect when the worker is not using it, and this is also logged.