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14 February 2024

FORO SICUR 2024 gathers renowned experts to address opportunity and challenges for comprehensive security.

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FORO SICUR 2024, a space for analyzing the importance of security for development and social welfare.

FORO SICUR is organized around the three sectors of the Fair: Security, Fire and Emergency Safety and Occupational Safety.

The International Security Exhibition, organised by IFEMA MADRID from 27 February to 1 March, includes FORO SICUR, a space for analysing the importance of security for socioeconomic development, debating the current situation of the sector, and presenting its main novelties.

 SICUR 2024 is the International Security Exhibition organised by IFEMA MADRID, taking place from 27 February to 1 March. It includes the FORO SICUR, a space for analysis and debate on the importance of comprehensive security for socio-economic development, social and individual welfare, and the challenges facing the sector. Additionally, new products and innovations will be presented.

FORO SICUR takes place in three locations: the auditorium of Pavilion 10, Sala Retiro, and the Auditorio SUR of the Recinto Ferial. The event is organised around the Fair’s three sectors: Security, Fire and Emergency Safety, and Occupational Safety. Additionally, SICUR CYBER covers cybersecurity.

FORO SICUR is organised by IFEMA MADRID in collaboration with the main associations and organisations representing professionals and users in the world of security. Its aim is to increase the value of the fair by promoting the creation and exchange of knowledge and best practices and providing informative and educational content.

Conferences on Security

On 27 February, the Valencia Police Service will host 'AI in the fight against domestic violence: a police perspective'. This will be followed by 'The security function in the management of cultural heritage', organised by PROARPA and ASIS INTERNATIONAL. After the lunch break, APECS (Association of Professionals of Spain in Locksmithing and Security) organised the round table 'Evolution of Locksmithing'. On the first day of SICUR, CDTI is organising a 'Flash Information Day. Call to Tender 2024 Cluster 3, Horizon Europe’.' in Sala Retiro.

On Wednesday 28th morning, the Observatorio Mujeres de la Seguridad will present two reports: '43 years of AES energising the private security industry: collaboration and cooperation with various agents in our industry' and 'The 3rd Report on the status of women in public and private security: continuing to move forward.’ The S2R-2024 Congress on Safety, Security & Resilience Research in Europe is also scheduled for this day.

On 29 February, the PESI S2R Awards will be presented in Sala Retiro, followed by technical sessions. In the afternoon, the Women and Innovation in Safety Awards will take place. On 1 March, the Security Days will conclude with a discussion on 'Security video cameras and their compatibility with non-security uses' by CEUSS.              

Fire and Emergency Safety Conferences

On 27 February, TECNIFUEGO will host a series of presentations on fire protection. The first presentation will be ‘Basic passive protection product sheets’. This will be followed by a presentation on ‘Fire protection in the framework of occupational risk prevention’ by APICI. CEPREVEN will then present their guide on the ‘Procedure to certify CFPA-E Fire Safety Specialists in Building Design’. The event will conclude with a presentation on ‘Emergency management and its standardisation in fire brigades’, organised by ASELF.

On 29 February, Pavilion 10's auditorium will host a monograph on sustainability. Thus, experts from CEPREVEN, TECNIFUEGO, APICI, ASELF, and APTB will discuss the ‘current challenge for the future of sustainability and disaster fires’. The discussion will focus on the impact of ‘Photovoltaic generation’, ‘Lithium-ion batteries’, and ‘High-rise buildings and façades’. On 1 March, the Military Emergency Unit (UME) will present its UDRUME drone project. It was used during the earthquake in Türkiye a year ago.

Occupational Safety Conferences

On Wednesday 28 February, Fundación Mapfre and INSST will host an event in the Auditorio Sur to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Law on Occupational Risk Prevention. The event will run from 10:00 to 14:00. The programme will be attended by representatives of the conference organisers, the Labour Inspectorate, the Regional Institute (Autonomous Community), the Public Prosecutor for Health and Safety at Work, the social partners from CEOE, CEPYME, UGT and Autonomous Communities, as well as prevention services and companies from ANEPA, ASPREM, AESPLA, PRL PREVENCIÓN and AMAT.

On the same day, in room A6.1, ASEPAL is organising two events: ‘Respiratory protection fit testing’ and ‘Presentation of the PPE selection guide 2024’.

SICUR is committed to providing comprehensive security solutions. This commitment is further strengthened by SICUR CYBER, a space dedicated to cybersecurity co-organised with Seguritecnia and Red Seguridad, and EXO CORNER, a new section in collaboration with the Instituto de Biomecánica (IBV) that will address the use of exoskeletons in occupational health and safety. The new space will feature a Speaker's Corner with an engaging programme, including topics such as the first active soft exoskeleton for the hand and the fusion of the body with the exoskeleton.

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