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21 December 2017


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The burglar smoke alarm capsule that you can perfectly integrate into your alarm system.

Headquarter in Mailand, Italy, FDF makes electronic and mechanical parts for producers of alarm systems, generating business opportunities in global markets.We manufacture technological solutions for the creation of active anti-theft devices, for the specific purpose of supporting the goals and projects of the highest-reaching business people in the international market.

What makes the brand new novelty product XAFER by FDF unique? XAFER is simply unique!

Xafer is a technological component that you can use for the creation of active anti-theft device. A smoke generator which easily adapts to any type of security system, capable of obscuring vision within alarm-secured areas in just a few seconds.

XAFER smoke fills an area of 100 cubic meters in 25 seconds by means of an optimized performance system which guarantees the production of a large volume of security smoke. The smoke is harmless to people, property and animals, and the capsules can be changed easily in just a few minutes.


  • Ultra-small dimensions
  • Simplified two-wire connection
  • No electricity consumption
  • Optimized performance
  • Comparable in cost to a tank of petrol





Every day we witness people helplessly discovering thefts against which traditional security systems have proven ineffective.

The concept underlying XAFER is as simple as it is logical: within a few seconds it makes it impossible to see inside the protected premises, thus preventing access to and removal of goods, with the intruders having no option but to flee.

XAFER therefore takes the concept of the security fog and redesigns the aspects for which a smoke discharging system is for technical or economic reasons not feasible.



Although a smoke discharging system is as yet the only product capable of foiling thefts, there are some features that in certain situations make it difficult to install:

  • dimensions
  • complex wiring
  • mains power
  • electrical consumption
  • price





XAFER is intended to be just as effective as a smoke discharging system, but without the limitations, as:

  • it is no bigger than a drinks can
  • it requires just two wires
  • it does not require an electrical power supply
  • there is no electrical current consumption
  • it is decidedly lower in price





XAFER can, in just a few seconds, saturate an area of 100 cubic metres through the production of a large amount of smoke. The smoke is non-toxic and does not leave any permanent traces, while the single-use cartridge requires just a few minutes to change.

The wiring consists of just two wires, making installation and servicing extremely quick and clean.