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29 January 2018

Video villa kit with remote access control included

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Care-in® video villa kit with remote access control module -2 wires -2 doors - 7 inch screen - DIN rail power supply included

With this pack including the kit video doorkeeper Care-in® and its remote management module by smartphone Care-in® BOX, control all your accesses with serenity, whether you are at home or outdoor!

By choosing the kit villa Care-in® with its Care-in® BOX you opt for both confort, security and liberty. You can visualize your visitors, converse with them, open them up to two accesses on site and one access remotely, record the conversation or the video of the exchange… it is up to you to decide, according to your needs and wishes, wherever you are!

Video doorkeeper Care-in® two wires

How does it work? Very simply! The kit KVA1 is composed of a 7 inches display to install inside your home (or office, or store, …), of a power supply rail DIN 18V DC - 1,5 A and of a surface-mounted door station to set up near your portal, gate or door. The kit Care-in® can be quickly and easily installed thanks to its two wires and its connection by screw terminal. The buttons of the display are backlit in blue.

The surface-mounting door station is composed of aluminum alloy. Its connection is made by screw terminal.

The Care-in® BOX, remote management module of the kit villa Care-in®

A delivery, a visit, and you are not at home? With the Care-in® BOX, you can control an access remotely, exclusively in connection with the video doorkeeper Care-in®. As soon as the visitor sounds, you receive a notification in real time on your smartphone.

Control your access by your mobile phone, without subscription!

After having download freely the application ControlCam on Apple Store or Google Play, you can visualize who sounds at your door, talk with your visitors and also open them the door without being at home, provided having internet access. Moreover, you can keep track of the visit by doing screenshots, recording videos, or consulting the call history. For connecting the Care-in® BOX with your smartphone, you just have to flash the QR-code placed at the rear of the module! 

>> View the 3D video of the Care-in® 

>> ... and the motion design video of the Care-in® BOX