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29 January 2018

Switching mode power supply 12V DC - 5 A

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Switching mode power supply of the Sewosy AD range - 12V DC - 5 A with output relay

These power supplies with metallic box runs with 12V DC. They issue an output current of 5 Amp maximum for locking products (electric latches, electromagnetic locks…) and control access devices (proximity readers...).

Not less than three NO/NC contacts are included in this 12V DC power supply:

  • signaling relay in case of mains failure;
  • a second contact which is activated when the backup battery is discharged;
  • self-protection contact which sends an information report to the monitoring station when the box of the power supply is opened.

A power supply with charge

In this 5 Amp power supply, a space is dedicated to integrate an accumulator which can store 1 x 7 Ah. This type of battery is available in the range of SEWOSY accessories. Furthermore, the connexion of the power supply is easy due to its screw terminal block.

Visual information thanks to the LEDs

The box of the switching mode power supply contains three indicator lights which provide visual information to the owner:

  • a LED to indicate the mains presence;
  • a LED for the 12V DC presence;
  • a LED which is fixed if the battery is charged/discharged, and flashing if the battery is recharging

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