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29 January 2018

Surface-mount electromagnetic lock

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VELMAG® surface-mount electromagnetic lock 12-24V DC with contact and LED - Holding force of 300 daN

Specifically suited to installation on an emergency exit door but also all types of frames, the VELMAG® electromagnetic lock has got a compliance certificate with French standard NF S 61-937. 

Delivered with its counterplate, the electromagnetic lock fits on many installs. A full range of accessories for mounting the electromagnetic lock on pulling, pushing or glass doors is proposed by SEWOSY to implement the appropriate device.

Besides a great simplicity of installation, the electromagnetic lock is equipped with an anti-disassembly system which minimizes the risk of vandalism.

Electromagnetic lock with contact and LED

Contact can send a report of information to a dashboard or management organ on the electromagnetic lock status: is it locked or unlocked? The breaking power of this contact can't exceed 24V DC and two amps.

Power off locking

Also included in the access device, the electromagnetic lock operates with direct current, thus avoiding noise. Its voltage is 12V or 24V.

As long as the electromagnetic lock is supplied, it remains locked. Power cut, on the contrary, causes unlocking. This implies that in case of power outage or emergency evacuation requested, people can escape.

Anti-remanence system

Personal safety is further enhanced by the presence of an ejector in the counterplate.

Remanence created by the permanent supply effectively slows unlocking when there's an interruption of current in the electromagnetic lock. The anti-remanence system can counteract the magnetic field, thereby accelerating the unlocking.

Regularity of magnetic field is ensured by the application of E-PLATES technology when machining the electromagnetic lock. The locking is therefore more efficient.

Holding force of 300 daN

According to the degree of protection IP 42, the electromagnetic lock resists the intrusion of foreign objects having a diameter greater than 1 mm, and is impervious to rain up to 15 ° about the vertical.

Finally, able to withstand temperatures from -10 ° to 55 °, the electromagnetic lock for emergency exit door has a holding force of up to 300 daN, however if installation conditions prescribed by SEWOSY are met.

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