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22 January 2018


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“Raptor” – the first fall arrester device with two fall indicators

“Raptor” is the name given to SKYLOTEC’s new retractable type fall arrester. Intuitive to operate and inspect, it significantly enhances workers’ safety. A special feature is the two fall indicators that show whether the device can still be used. The fall arrester device is available in various versions with steel cable or webbing. The “Raptor” can also be stacked efficiently for storage purposes.

 Fall arrester devices are used as a component of Personal Fall Protection Equipment (PPFE). They provide the connection between the fall-arrest harness and an anchor point. If someone falls when working at heights, a centrifugal force mechanism activates the brake, which then reliably intercepts the fall. With the new “Raptor”, SKYLOTEC has come up with a solution that significantly enhances the safety of its users. The device has two fall indicators – one on the carabiner and one in the housing, which is visible from the outside. These indicators use colour coding to clearly show whether the fall arrester device can still be used or whether it needs to be inspected. Users simply need to carry out a visual check of the colour of the indicator before each use to see whether the fall arrester device is still fully functional. This simple external function check protects the user from inadvertently using a device that is no longer intact.

Until now, it has only been possible for users to check their own fall arrester devices on the carabiner and not on the device itself or the brakes. The additional fall indicator on the device housing now offers a huge advantage: it clearly shows the status of the brakes. With a standard fall arrester device, an expert would need to open the housing and check inside to establish this. With the “Raptor”, it is easy to carry out the compulsory annual inspection: all that needs to be done is a simple check of both indicators and the rope. If everything is safe to use, the device can stay on site and does not need to be sent away to an authorised inspection centre.


 Colour indicators display status of brakes

The clear symbols built in to SKYLOTEC’s new fall arrester device warn the user before they can inadvertently use a device that is no longer fit for use. A green signal shows that the device is intact. A red signal warns against any further use, when the brake has already been triggered. If at least one of the indicators on the carabiner and housing shows a red signal, the device must be inspected immediately by a service technician authorised by SKYLOTEC. An expert can repair a device by replacing individual elements. This is easy to achieve thanks to the modular construction of the “Raptor” fall arrester device. It is constructed in such a way that the various units are clearly separated from one another and can therefore be replaced individually. This saves money and time during inspections.


Clear design for the anchor point

When it comes to users’ safety, the “Raptor” boasts another clever detail. The fall arrester device is intuitive to operate, since the anchor point is designed as a grip shape and so there is only one obvious way to attach the device. An energy-absorbing plastic inlet damper also prevents the carabiner from hitting the device housing without restriction when the rope is pulled in. This not only protects the housing from continuously being knocked, it also protects the user from hand injuries and bruises.

The “Raptor” is available with various lengths of steel cable or webbing. The cable version comes in 6 m, 10 m or 20 m versions and the webbing model is available in 6 m or 8 m lengths. The cable or webbing is cared for thanks to a pulley integrated in the housing. This protects both the housing and the rope itself from wear and tear. Another plus point: the special, square design of the device also makes it possible to store fall arrester devices side by side and makes them easy to stack. This also works with different sizes of housing, which particularly helps to save space and look after the devices. All fall arrester devices are certified according to EN 360 and ANSI Z359.14 and secure one person up to a maximum user weight of 140 kg.

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