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17 January 2018

Monogas detector for toxic gases

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New ClipSens detector
Disposable. Maintenance free. Hibernable.

The new Sensotran single gas detector, comes to cover the functions that others offer as optional at the same cost. To this end, we have designed equipment to allow hibernation for the periods without workload and will not be used to maximize the useful life. The ClipSens allows to hibernate the equipment up to a maximum of 12 months (H2S and CO) extending its useful life up to three years (24 months of operation). The ClipSens is available for the measurement of Hydrogen Sulfide or Carbon Monoxide or Sulfur Dioxide or Oxygen. Very compact and lightweight with a clip to wear it on the flap or helmet, the ClipSens has acoustic, visual and vibration alarm. Compatible with Security Policies, stores 30 events that can be downloaded using the optional Sensotran IR Link or Docking Station.

The Docking Station allows to verify up to 12 devices per minute, being the fastest in the market, thus reducing the verification time as well as the gas cost in a very significant way.

For less than 8cts / € per team, your workers and their families, will appreciate that you verify your equipment.

You will also have ALL the alarm events of each of your workers; since they are downloaded automatically every time the Docking Station establishes communication with the detector.