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29 January 2018

KRB1000 keypad

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Proximity reader with programming keypad - Connection by screw terminal block
12/24V AC/DC - 125 kHz

This keypad features a 125 kHz badge reader of MARIN type easy and quick to connect by screw terminal block. Other advantage in terms of saving time: serial registering of the badges!

The KRB1000 keypad benefit from three operating modes at choice:

·         in badge reader or code mode,

·         … or both modes at once, provided that each user has a code and a proximity reader of MARIN type which are dedicated only for him/her.

Connection by screw terminal

This stand-alone access control is surface-mounting. The screw terminal of the keypad facilitates its laying. It also allows integrating, at choice, a magnetic contact, a doorbell and two push buttons according the install needs.

Convenient, the serial badges programming!

Simply determining the recording range and pass the MARIN badges one by one in front of the proximity reader: they automatically take the desired position.

Up to 1010 users

This keypad with proximity reader has two C / NO / NC changeover contacts. It is ideal for connecting any type of equipment such as doors, gates, electric strikes, electromagnetic locks ... Up to 1010 users can be registered. The breaking capacity of the relays is 125V AC / 1A and 30V DC / 2A. Each of them can be set to delay the access locking from 1 to 99 seconds or to use the bistable mode.

Self-protection system

The photocell integrated in the 125 kHz keypad triggers a buzzer in the event of an attempted vandalism act. This feature can be turned on or off, as well as the buzzer and doorbell functions.

Metal keys and LEDs

In addition, the KRB100 keypad has blue backlit metal keys and two green indicator lights: when lit, the right LED indicates the presence of power and the left one, the activation of one of the two relays for unlocking.

Powered with 12-24V AC/DC

With an output voltage that can be 12V or 24V depending on the configuration chosen, the voltage range of the keypad with badge reader is universal. As for the power supply, it operates on AC or DC power.

IP55 rating

This stand-alone access control has an IP55 protection rating, which means that it is protected against dust and harmful deposits, as well as water jets with the lance. Finally, resistant to temperatures ranging from -10 ° C to 60 ° C, it can be used for outdoor installations.