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Eco-design electromagnetic door holder

Surface-mount electromagnetic door holder with square box - 24 V DC - 50 daN - EN1155 n°0805501

29 Jan 2018

This electromagnetic lock keeps a fire door open, in the properties or public buildings comply with fire security regulation. An EN1155 certification was besides assigned to it.

Squared, the VELMAG® lock is made to be surface-mounted on door leaf and is connected by terminal block(s). The included counterplate can be lay either in fix position, or in articulated position, depending on configuration of install to equip.

Unlocking by power off

Locked by permanent electric supply via the fire signaling table (TSI), this electromagnetic device thus keeps the fire door opened. In case of fire alarm, but also power failure, unlocking of electromagnetic lock will generate the access closure, avoiding fire spreading. This fail-safe technology is conducive to people safety, and the presence of a mechanical closure button at the top of the housing of these surface-mounted locks gives more security.

Energy saving electromagnetic locks

Working with direct voltage, which has the advantage to minimize noise nuisance, this electromagnetic lock is exclusively supplied by 24V DC. Furthermore, great energy savings can be achieved, because the consumption is only 60 mA

Designed to be fitted inside, this electromagnetic door holder device complies with protection class IP 30. Consequently, it is protected against foreign bodies with diameter exceeding 2,5 mm.

Holding force of these electromagnetic locks models is normally of 50 DaN. This figure is guaranteed at 90 por ciento minimum, when the fitting conditions advocated by SEWOSY are respected.

>>These fire security EM locks 24V DC are eco-designed by Sewosy