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12 April 2024

68% of Spanish companies have no defence against cyber-attacks

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Although by 2023 many companies had caught up with backup solutions, 68% of Spanish companies are still not protected against cyber-attacks, according to expert Juan Llamazares, CEO of Datos101. Ransomware attacks have doubled in the past year and 2024 is expected to be full of malicious activity.

The number of cyber-attacks continues to grow, there has also been an increase in the use of fraudulent sites. According to Data101, ransomware attacks doubled during 2023 compared to the figures recorded in 2022, 2024 is also expected to be full of malicious activity. A set-up that leaves companies in a more vulnerable situation.

SMEs currently receive a higher proportion of malicious emails. Small and medium-sized enterprises are at the centre of cyber-attacks, which raid their servers and platforms in search of relevant information for financial gain. In this context, backup has become an essential tool to protect data, yet only 32% of SMEs make backup copies. It should be taken into account that data loss due to cyber-attacks can result in losses of between 2,000 and 50,000 euros for SMEs. This figure, however, rises to 5 million euros on average for larger companies.

In addition to cyber-attacks, there are other causes that can occur on company's premises that can also cause damage to computer and storage systems, including fire or flooding.