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02 September 2020

Anti-covid solutions until the 30 September at SICUR SPECIAL COVID

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SICUR SPECIAL COVID, from 1 July to 30 September 2020

So far, 2,704 professionals have registered and a total of 1,448 contacts have been made.

The online platform, active since the 1 July, offers various biosafety proposals from 54 suppliers and its webinar program provides informative content on protocols, guidelines and specific measures for different sectors. 

SICUR SPECIAL COVID, the first hybrid event (online + in-person) set up by IFEMA on the 1 July, continues its online activity throughout the month of September, in order to continue promoting contact and virtual meetings between anti-Covid solution providers and the companies and professionals that need to adapt their businesses to the current protection setting. 

A total of 54 suppliers participate in this artificial intelligence platform, that offers the chance to generate meetings, “one to one” conversations and online networking meetings, in addition to hosting training areas, product demonstrations and a webinar program with useful information on protocols, guidelines and specific measures for different sectors.

SICUR SPECIAL COVID has recorded so far visits by 2,704 professionals; 1,448 contacts have been made and over 12,000 messages have been exchanged through the platform.

Among the various solutions offered on the platform are advanced technology to monitor access and capacity, thermal imaging cameras, facial recognition and mask use detection devices, air purification systems that do not use hazardous chemical products, and solutions that combine various technologies that are effective for cleaning the air of pathogens and reducing the risk of infection, as well as a full range of hygienic products, hypo-allergenic hydroalcoholic gels, disinfection tunnels, anti-Covid accessories and personal protection equipment PPEs, such as masks, gloves, healthcare protection suits, thermometers and oximeters, etc.

On the other hand, the webinar program, where various associations, organisations and agencies have collaborated, provides the platform with added-value information on protocols, health and safety measures, as well as specific recommendations for the different activity sectors.  

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, offers a summary of the CE marking legislation for Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and for Healthcare Products (HP), the Spanish Association for Normalisation UNE, explains its role and the UNE standards in this crisis; the Association of Personal Protection Equipment Companies, ASEPAL, talks about the essential role of personal protection against COVID-19;  the Association of Manufacturers of HVAC Equipment, AFEC, discusses the contribution of HVAC systems to health, and the Spanish Association of Lighting Manufacturers, ANFALUM, discusses disinfection with UV-C ultraviolet radiation.

In addition, the Spanish Association of Swimming Pool Professionals, ASEPPI, offers information on the Covid-19 Protocol for Pools; the National Association of Perfumery and Cosmetics,  STANPA, on the measures taken by the Perfume and Cosmetics industry against COVID; the General Council of Opticians-Optometrists offers their recommendations for the optician and optometry field and discusses some of the pathologies found after Covid, and the National Association of Textile, Accessories and Leather Commerce, ACOTEX, paints a picture of the textile sector in the post-Covid era.

Representing the automotive sector,  the dealership business association Faconauto focuses on the commitment to safety by dealerships when returning to activity; the Spanish Confederation of Vehicle Repair Shops, CETRAA, and the Spanish Federation of Professional Automotive Entrepreneurs, CONEPA, representing the maintenance and repair of vehicles, automobiles and motorcycles, talk about going to the shop with full guarantees, and the National Association of Merchants of Equipment, Spare Parts, Tires and Automobile Accessories, ANCERA, talk about how essential the automotive spare part sector is during the pandemic to the new normal.    

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