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22 February 2024

The new EXO CORNER area at SICUR 2024 will highlight the benefits of exoskeletons in enhancing safety.

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EXO CORNER, in the core between pavilions 6-8, will have an exhibition area and Speaker's Corner with the IBV and leading companies in exoskeletons.

EXO CORNER announces a full program at its Speaker's Corner with exoskeleton experts.

EXO CORNER, a new area at SICUR 2024 created in collaboration with the Instituto de Biomecánica (IBV), a national reference research centre for exoskeletons, will offer a Speaker's Corner to complement the exhibition area. Experts will analyse the benefits of using exoskeletons for security purposes, present the latest developments and discuss the challenges posed by the emergence of these devices.

From 27 February to 1 March, visitors can discover the added value of exoskeletons in reducing the efforts of professionals for certain tasks. This section is in the connecting core between halls 6 and 8. Additionally, the latest exoskeletons will be presented along with the latest studies and innovations, and an assessment will be provided after their incorporation. EXO CORNER, along with IBV, comprises Gogoa - Cyber Human Systems, Healthy Technical Suits, Biosafety - Tecnologías de Automatización, and Ergosante - Hapo.

These companies, along with other benchmark companies in this field, will present at the Fair. Gogoa - Cyber Human Systems will present 'Body-exoskeleton fusion: artificial muscles in action'; Healthy Suites will present 'Muscle suit series: health for every working environment'; and IBV will discuss the practical application of exoskeletons in 'How to incorporate exoskeletons in your company?’  Biosafety will present 'The future of exoskeletons for fingers' and 'Ironhand: the first active soft exoskeleton for hands'. Panter will discuss 'EXOEPI: Artificial Intelligence in footwear'.

Metalco and Ergo Santé will participate in the Speaker's Corner as part of an innovative programme. This programme offers daily content and topics of special interest, allowing professionals to schedule them into their diaries.

IFEMA MADRID will host SICUR from 27 February to 1 March 2024. SICUR is held biennially and will be hybridised through SICUR LIVEConnect.