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13 January 2023

AULA 2023 will showcase a wide range of vocational education and training studies

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From 22 to 26 March 2023

The 31st International Education Opportunities Exhibition, AULA 2023, will bring together a broad, outstanding range of vocational training courses tailored to the new needs and requirements of the Spanish economy and society. Among the many centres that will show their proposals are CampusFP, the José Ramon Otero Vocational Training Centre, CEV, CES, the DJP Music School, FP Santa Gema, Grupo Rambla, Instituto FP Vigiles, Universae, AT Academia del Transportista, United Pop Spain, Unión Funeral and Cámara Madrid. There will also be information on vocational training in the Educational Guidance Area of the Fair and on several stands, such as the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training and the Ministry of Education of the Community of Madrid, among others.

This year, the spotlight will be on education and the Arts, selected as the main focus of this, the eighth edition of EDUCATION WEEK 2023, during which AULA, Spain's leading educational event, is held. It is organised by IFEMA MADRID and will take place on the Recinto Ferial from 22 to 26 March 2023.

The Escuela Superior de Comunicación, Imagen y Sonido (CEV), or the School of Communication, Image, and Sound, will present new qualifications launched during the current academic year, such as the Intermediate Level Qualification in Microcomputer Systems and Networks and its own master’s degree in Cinematography, both of which have received a magnificent reception during their first year. It will also display three new Higher Level Training Courses in Audiovisual Project and Show Production, Lighting, Image and Sound Capture and Processing for blended modality audiovisuals and shows, as well as the specialised course on Big Data, among other options. There will be a chance to see a selection of the best professional projects produced during the previous year, including high-level short films which have been selected and screened at several international festivals.

The Escuela Superior de Imagen y Sonido or School of Image and Sound (CES) will present the Centro de Diseño y Arte Digital (Centre for Design and Digital Art) CES Design, where students can study for degrees in Graphic Design and Interior Design. CES is the largest audiovisual school in Madrid, with training programmes ranging from Higher Level Training Courses in Image, Sound, Computer Science and Marketing to Degrees and Postgraduate Studies and own specialist degrees.

United Pop Spain will show why it is one of the newest alternatives in professional training. It is a school of the creative professions with more than 30 years of experience in 20 cities worldwide, which trains professionals in the world of image, sound, communication, fashion, and makeup, with flexibility and open options. An interdisciplinary offer allows students to opt for mixed diplomas, combining courses in fashion design and photography, for example, so that they can create their own brands while managing the creation of their own books.

 Likewise, the DJP Music School will also bring its extended academic programme with special emphasis on the Higher National Diploma (HND) in Music Production, an official two-year British qualification, and the master’s in music production, a one-year course focused on trending musical production techniques.

Advice on Vocational Training

The José Ramon Otero Vocational Training Centre will be at AULA with information and advice on vocational training, explaining how it contributes to the personal and professional development of students and workers by improving their employability and promotion. It will emphasise the diverse professional areas, the various stages of vocational training, etc. In addition, it will report on the 24 training courses offered by the Centre - in person, distance and combined, and the six vocational training courses for employment in the workplace.

Grupo Rambla will present a new training offer at the event, with an employability rate of over 85% within the first six months, characterised by its flexibility, face-to-face and online methodology, and focus on different areas and specialities. The centre has a department that places students in internships in companies in the corresponding sector, for which it has agreements with more than 500 companies. Likewise, CampusFP will exhibit its training offer in vocational training: medium level, higher degree, and postgraduate courses for vocational training and Higher National Diploma (HND), an academic qualification recognised in the United Kingdom and several other countries.

FP Santa Gema has created a new IT space, an innovation hub, where its students will learn with multidisciplinary projects. Therefore, the centre has expanded its educational offer with three new computer science courses: Technician in Microcomputer Systems and Networks, Higher Technician in Network Computer Systems Administration and Higher Technician in Multiplatform Application Development. He has also launched the Senior Technician in Marketing and Advertising course to strengthen the area of the company, meeting the demand from students.

Universae, in the meantime, will show how in just a year, it has managed to internationalise in different Latin American countries, such as Colombia, Costa Rica and Ecuador; and how it has made an extensive training offer, consisting of 55 official degrees in 13 different areas, available to the market.

Multiple specialities

The increasing specialisation of several fields and professional activities will be evident at EDUCATION WEEK with a broad choice of vocational training proposals. For example, the Instituto FP Vigiles will be at AULA with its medium and higher training courses in Emergencies and Civil Protection, where students can intern at ILUNION and Firefighters of the Community of Madrid, among others.

AT Academia del Transportista will highlight the largest online and face-to-face training courses in Spain and Latin America, specialising in Transport, Logistics and Safe and Sustainable Mobility, aimed not only at students but also at teachers. Among the main milestones this year will be the introduction of Higher Degrees in Transport and Logistics and, above all, the Higher Degree in Training for Safe and Sustainable Mobility, aligned with the new professional trends of the future. And Unión Funeral will also present its latest proposals. It is the only school accredited by the Community of Madrid and with a permanent open call for the completion of the Certificate of Professionalism in Tanatopraxis SANP0108.

Lastly, Cámara Madrid will highlight its higher degree at AULA: Senior Technician in Administration and Finance; in International Trade; in Transport and Logistics; Development of Multiplatform Applications (DAM); Dietetics, Sales Management and Commercial Showcases; and Marketing and Advertising. It will also present its intermediate level courses: Technician in Commercial Activities. In addition, its training centre promotes the entrepreneurial culture with the programme and vocational training, participation in extracurricular activities, master classes, etc. It organises extracurricular activities of great interest so to support students’ training, develop skills and increase their employability, etc. It provides its own skills certification demanded by companies. And the Erasmus+ project. For the first time, vocational training students can continue their education with the Official Specialisation Course in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. It also completes its training offer with other specialisation qualifications focused on the different training courses.

More information is available on the Education Week website.