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16 January 2023

AULA 2023 will reflect the growing demand and employability of FP studies.

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From 22 to 26 March 2023

There is a growing demand for vocational training due to the magnificent employment opportunities these courses open up for Spanish students. According to Universae, there will be an estimated annual average of 236,814 job opportunities in Spain for vocational training graduates between 2022 and 2030. It is expected that at least 40% of these vacancies will be filled by students who complete these courses. Universae is one of the schools taking part in the 31st International Education Opportunities Exhibition during the eighth EDUCATION WEEK 2023, Spain’s largest education event, organised by IFEMA MADRID on the Recinto Ferial from 22 to 26 March 2023.

The Educational Guidance Spaces of the Fair will offer extensive information on vocational training.

According to exhibitors at AULA, such as the Instituto FP Vigiles, the demand from companies and students for vocational training courses has been growing steadily since statistics show these courses lead to numerous job opportunities for students who choose them over a university. In response to the demand, more and more places are being created.

CEV explains that the practical skills learned in vocational training and international courses are essential to teaching students how to navigate today's job market. These days, the emphasis is on project work, developing practical skills, teamwork and the ability to adapt to the new technologies demanded by the industry. According to the Escuela Superior de Imagen y Sonido (School of Image and Sound CES), professional training gives students the specialised knowledge they need by means of primarily practical training to enter the job market in half the time taken by a university course and excellent job prospects.

In addition, in recent years, new trends are reconfiguring the training scene with growth in activities related to Artistic Education, the main focus of the eighth EDUCATION WEEK 2023. This new scenario is evident throughout Spain, with Madrid playing a leading role, according to United Pop Spain. The managers of this school point out that Madrid has always been a hotbed of culture that embraces all new types of artistic expression, with a plethora of creative activities that make it a magnet for new professionals who keep the great cultural and artistic scene moving.

Highlighting opportunities

Vocational training schools participate in AULA 2023 to publicise the courses they offer. According to FP Santa Gema, the education fair is an excellent place to meet young people who will soon be part of the business community and to show them the importance of FP and the enormous advantages it has over a university education. They believe that practical training, tailored to reality, that gives quick access to the labour market (in two years, they can start working) and better job prospects is more valuable.

CampusFP says that AULA will enable it to get the word out about its courses, particularly teaching methods, which are based on practical, project-based learning through ABP. This approach has proven effective, guaranteeing courses where students gain knowledge by putting it into practice. For Cámara de Madrid, participating in the fair will be an excellent opportunity to tell the world about its vocational training courses. CEV, in the meantime, believes it is essential to reach the professionals of tomorrow. And CES considers it an effective tool to contact future students and provide them with all the information they need about this school.

DJP Music School sees AULA as the best scenario to open the way to new educational approaches and show visitors new vocational training options in music technology and sound. And Grupo Rambla knows that the Fair will enable its staff to talk to future students about their company and to listen to their needs.

More information is available on the Education Week website.