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The best meeting forum for families and schools

Semana de la Educación completes its educational offering with Schools Day and offers families the best forum for meeting with schools.

It is a meeting of schools and families, a dynamic space full of experiences, with workshops and activities where schools will show their educational offerings. Schools with a high educational level and solid academic results present their facilities and their educational projects.

It is addressed to families with children who are starting their schooling and also to those families who want to reorient the education of their children by choosing a new school.

Why visit schoolsday

Families will be able to:

  • Meet in a single space with numerous schools in a single visit

  • Speak with school admissions officers

  • Find the most suitable school or kindergarten for children

  • Listen to experts in early childhood, primary and secondary education

  • Participate in meetings of family associations and federations with different educational approaches

  • Enjoy a convenient visit (crèche for small children)

  • Information from those responsible for summer camps, extracurricular activities

  • Discover schools with a view to educating children abroad

  • Obtain a free digital guide with participating schools and contacts

  • Online guide on the website that allows different levels of filtering to obtain information on the participating schools

  • Get answers to questions about educational issues from experts in the educational guidance space, free.