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SCHOOLS DAY “Day for Families and Schools” announces its 3th edition.

Once again, it will be the leading place for families and schools to meet, within the framework of Semana de la Educación, which also includes the following exhibitions: Aula, Postgrado, Congreso Recursos para la Educación and Expoelearning.

SCHOOLS DAY gives schools (Spanish and foreign), nursery schools, camps and extracurricular activities the opportunity to exhibit their proposals and solutions to families seeking the best school to begin schooling or to study other options in the different educational sectors.

It is a dynamic space full of experiences, with workshops and activities in which schools with a high educational level and solid academic results make their educational offer to families known.

What is Schools day?

Schools Day 2020

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SCHOOLS DAY collaborates with Sapos y Princesas

Being an exhibitor you get advantages when hiring advertising in Sapos y Princesas.

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