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Manage your access to the fair online

Given the professional nature of Promogift, access is reserved EXCLUSIVELY for professional intermediaries in the promotional and advertising gift sector: advertising agencies, distributors, advertising and marketing agencies and graphic arts.
In order to check that the visiting companies fit the profile of the professionals targeted by the event, the following documents will be requested:
- National companies: I.A.E. (Tax on Economic Activities) registration or receipt, or any other official document (Census Form, deed of incorporation of the company) in which the activity or corporate purpose appears.
- Portuguese companies: Copy of the CAE (Activity and Establishment Code) and taxpayer number (NIF).
- Other countries: Official document accrediting the company's activity and taxpayer number (NIF).
The organisers reserve the right of admission and the right to check identity and may refuse access to the fair to companies or persons who do not fit the professional profile of the visitor, regardless of whether they may have commercial agreements with exhibitors. Under no circumstances will clients or end consumers be allowed to enter.
Applications that do not submit complete documentation will not be valid. If only the tax number (NIF) is submitted, your application will not be processed.
Once the pass has been obtained, we inform you that it is personal and non-transferable and must be worn visibly at all times.
This regulation is established in order to benefit the sector, as well as to favour a desirable business environment.

Up to and including 18 January, registration is free of charge. During the days of the fair, registration will be in person and for a fee (€18).

Professionals registration*It is important that, when registering, you express your consent to receive email, to send the accreditations and various communications

Guidelines to sustainable participation for visitors

A visit to a trade fair/event, whether professional or public, and whether it is held in our town or requires us to travel, can have a significant impact on sustainability.

The fact that these activities take place in a short space of time, producing a concentration of a large movement of people and goods, means that the negative effects that could be produced are more intense and there is less time to correct them.

That is why it is important to take into account those aspects on which we can act and plan our activity according to sustainability criteria.

Guidelines for sustainable participation at fairs/events