¿Qué es Genera Latinoamérica?

International Exhibition of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

GENERA LATINOAMÉRICA International Exhibition for Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency, will show the advances of the industrial renewable energy sector, distribution, energy efficiency and its main applications from the point of view of both innovation and sustainability.

GENERA LATINOAMÉRICA represents an opportunity for manufacturers and exporters of the sector who wish to participate in a market with sustained growth, given the infrastructure needs that Chile and the countries of the region require and are in the process of developing.

The future investments resulting from the energy policy promoted by the State will generate new business opportunities and meetings in GENERA Latinoamérica.

Multi-Sector Forum Sheet

These three events provide a great opportunity for manufacturers and exporters looking to invest in Chile and the rest of the continent, considering the facilities offered by the country for business development, making it ideal for investment and internationalisation in view of its numerous trade agreements which allow it to access markets worldwide.
The alliance between the IFEMA and EDITEC trade fairs represents the creation of a major trading platform which will offer great opportunities to international companies taking part and a significant boost for the energy, electrical and electronic industries throughout the region.

ExpoERNC, Third Renewable Energy Trade Fair and Conference

Genera Latinoamérica, Fourth International Exhibition of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Matelec Latinoamérica, Third International Exhibition of Solutions for the Electrical and Electronic Industries