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International Higher Education and Ongoing Training Fair

International Higher Education and Ongoing Training Fair

INTERNATIONAL HIGHER EDUCATION AND ONGOING TRAINING FAIR; a space that brings together the most complete offer of postgraduate and lifelong continuing education.

If you are a student and/or an education professional, here you will find endless options for expanding your academic education: masters, PhDs, postgraduate studies, language schools, etc. presented by the most prestigious business schools, training centres, universities, professional associations, educational portals, human resources consultants, financial institutions, public bodies and the technical press.

An offering which is aimed in particular at those who wish to expand and enrich their academic training and young job seekers, stressing the importance of specialised lifelong training and learning.

Reason to visit International Higher Education and Ongoing Training Fair

University students, university graduates, active professionals, graduates with the desire to complete or reorient their career, company HR managers, teachers and counsellors.


  • Get a detailed overview and information on the entire educational and Continuing Education offering, in a direct and personalised way.
  • Grow professionally
  • Find out about new qualifications and quality training
  • Learn about grants, scholarships and financing formulas
  • Learn about business practices
  • Participate in meetings with experts on relevant topics
  • Enjoy Madrid and its multiple proposals