Why exhibit?

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Why exhibit?

Why you should exhibit

INTERNATIONAL HIGHER EDUCATION AND ONGOING TRAINING FAIR is the most important global annual meeting of the education and training market that is held in Spain, and the only one promoted by the Ministry of Education.

It is a unique opportunity to contact more than 174.000 interested people who come to the Fair, ranging from students, opinion leaders (parents, counsellors) and other education professionals.

INTERNATIONAL HIGHER EDUCATION AND ONGOING TRAINING FAIR offers the possibility of finding out what is being done in educational matters in the Spanish autonomous communities, in universities, in other countries... it offers a complete and updated vision of the world of education and training.

INTERNATIONAL HIGHER EDUCATION AND ONGOING TRAINING FAIR contributes with its marketing and communication actions to the successful achievement of our exhibitors’ objectives: the educational community will be informed before, during and after INTERNATIONAL HIGHER EDUCATION AND ONGOING TRAINING FAIR of the participation of their company in the Fair.

INTERNATIONAL HIGHER EDUCATION AND ONGOING TRAINING FAIR collaborates with the main associations and organisations in the world of education and training, to bring the event to the educational community in their area, based on a vision of service and proximity.


​Youth training and employment: an area that will assist recent graduates in their job itinerary, by means of workshops, presentations, consultancy, etc. and the presence of specialised organisations committed to their better employability.


Workshops and training to promote projects and the creation of companies within the framework of social entrepreneurship and green entrepreneurship, especially aimed at recent graduates, to promote employability in this employment niche, contributing to social wellbeing.


Workshops and conferences aimed at young job-seekers. Orientation on the most sought-after professional profiles and careers.


Forum on training to develop professional skills and competences.


To improve the student’s individual performance, attitude and self-awareness.


An interactive area where exhibitors can give 30-minute presentations on their new products or subjects of interest.

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