El Farru

El Farru


Dance, voice and guitar.

Antonio Fernández Montoya, Farru, was born in Seville in 1988. He made his debut at the age of 6 with his grandfather Farruco, dancing in the film Bodas de gloria. He has participated in his brother Farruquito's show, Farruquito y Familia en Nueva York, accompanying him on his first tour of the USA, and in shows such as Raíces flamencas, La Len Varó, Por derecho and Alma vieja. He toured Mexico extensively with Antonio Canales in the show Al natural, in which he wrote the music, lyrics and choreography. He has also collaborated on the tours of artists such as Beyoncé, Björk, Marc Anthony and Paulina Rubio.

As a musician, he has collaborated as author of music and lyrics for artists such as Tomatito, Makarines, El Barrio and his daughter Soleá, Spanish representative at Eurovision Junior, as well as in Farruquito's latest show, Puro, where part of the music and lyrics are his own.

In 2008 and 2009 he led his family in the show Los Farrucos, touring mainly in the USA and Europe, with highlights at the City Center in New York and Salders Wells in London. In 2010 the portal DeFlamenco awarded him the prize for Best Dancer of the Year by popular vote. He is also chosen by several magazines as Best Photographic Model, among them Vogue and Woman. In 2010 he is called to join the cast of the great master Paco de Lucía, his dancing quickly connects with the great master and acquires a prominent role. In 2016 he premiered Farrucos y Fernández. Navidad en familia, a project that was