Professional registration

In order to enhance your visiting experience, we would like to recommend that you choose to visit the fair in the afternoon and during the weekend to avoid possible crowds and waiting times at the entrance, due to the visits of school groups in the morning from Wednesday to Friday.

LIVE Connect passes

  • With this type of ticket you can access the LIVE Connect 2023 Education Week platform where you can interact and contact the companies participating in this edition.
  • If you have an invitation code you will be able to redeem it at step 3 of these registrations.
  • Underage (6 years old and under) must be accompanied. Admission is free, but a pass must be obtained in the "General Tickets" section.
  • More information on each type of passes

6 €
9 €
  • The organisation may ask you to prove that you are a teacher, if you apply for a free attendance pass.
  • Access to Live Connect
  • Tickets at the box office: 9€.
6 €
9 €
  • Access to Live Connect
  • Tickets at the box office: 9€

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