Why exhibit?

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Why exhibit?

AULA is Spain’s most important annual global event in the education and training market.

This is a unique opportunity to contact with over 115,000 interested visitors to the fair, ranging from students to opinion leaders (parents, counsellors) and other education professionals.

AULA offers the chance to learn about what the Spanish Autonomous Communities, Universities, other countries, etc. are doing regarding education... It provides a full and updated overview of the world of education and training.

AULA contributes, with its marketing and communication activities, to our exhibitors’ success in reaching their goals: the educational community will be informed before, during and after AULA, of their participation in the Trade Fair. Throughout the entire year.

AULA collaborates with the main educational and training associations and organisations, with a view towards service and proximity, by informing the educational community in its area about the event. 

AULA is an international event that hosts business schools, universities and educational centres, as well as official organisations from many different countries.


Spaces specially designed for participating companies to have the opportunity to present their different degrees in a dynamic way and through experiences:

  • EQUALITY CLASSROOM, with the collaboration of the Instituto de la Mujer  y para la Igualdad de Oportunidades (Institute for Women and Equal Opportunities) to promote equality of both sexes, facilitating the conditions for effective participation by women in politics, culture, the economy and social life, and to promote and develop the cross-sectional application of the principle of equal treatment and non-discrimination.
  • EDUCATIONAL ORIENTATION WORKSHOPS Workshops for visiting students, in the educational orientation area.
  • ROBOTIC AULA: An area where students will learn about the world of robotics through demonstrations.
  • FORUM CLASSROOM. Auditorium for talks, presentations, conferences and informative workshops
  • PLAZA DE LA MUSICA: (MUSICAL SQUARE) An area for musical performances.
  • THE STAGE: Area for artistic performances and shows.
  • ART AND LIVING TOGETHER - Areas at the trade fair for exhibitions and statements that, through Art, highlight aspects pertaining to living together in the educational environment.
  • SOLIDARITY CLASSROOM An area for the NGOs that work on educational projects and offer volunteering activities for students. Supporting the commitment to the Objectives defined in the Sustainable Development Agenda.

In addition:


In collaboration with the General Council for Children's and Teens’ Books. It promotes creativity at school, carrying out a collaborative activity that involves teachers, students and the Educational Centre, based on reading, writing and creativity, inviting everyone to reflect on what it is to live together in the educational environment.

Contact us, we will help you profit from your participation.

Exhibitor profile

Companies that offer :

  • Job training
  • University Studies
  • Other Higher Studies
  • International Studies
  • Language Studies
  • First Job
  • Young Entrepreneurship
  • Student Services
  • Volunteering

Other participating companies:

  • Official Agencies
  • Resources for Education
  • Specialized Press



115,3 K



School Centres

1,8 K
School Centres

Companies and brands

Companies and brands