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10 enero 2019

Journalist Katia Rocha digs into the origins of Bombay Sunset

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3 min.
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Bombay Sunset's founding team has been interviewed by journalist Katia Rocha(Belleza Capital - Intereconomía Radio). The interview is a direct insight into Nidhi’s workings and creative process. You can listen to the Spanish audio or read the English transcript below 😊

(Skip to Minute 47) (Click here to listen to the interview)

Katia: ¿What is Bombay Sunset and how did it come to be? As I understand, it is your story of love…

Miguel: Nidhi and I met in Bombay. I used to see her wearing lots of very interesting pieces of jewellery. One day, she mentioned that she made them herself.

Bombay Sunset reflects her personality, and she is a person with a lot of joy which I found captivating. She is someone who doesn’t need anything in particular to be happy. Sometimes, we are walking down the street and she gets so happy just by seeing a fluffy dog, or a flower. These are the kinds of things Nidhi lives for and they are what she portrays in her designs.

Katia: ¿Cómo se crean los modelos en Bombay Sunset y cómo definiríais vuestro estilo?

Miguel: To understand this, you’d have to see our home – it’s like a museum of earrings. Everywhere you look there are stones and pearls. This evidences the countless trials and tests Nidhi does until perfection is created.

The origin of the inspiration is varied. I remember once we were driving through Andalusia in our car and we came across these massive fields of sunflowers. Nidhi had never seen such vast plantations and that very same day she sketched the Golden Spring earrings. Other inspirations are a lot more abstract: A scent, a feeling, a moment…

Katia: What does India have that is so special and captivating? They say, whoever goes to India had a piece of it in their soul

Miguel: It’s true. India is a land full of passion and contrast. No doubt it changed my life.

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