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Exhibition of the Fundación ARCO collection in Lima


From 3rd October, the exhibition Estudios Migratorios is taking place in the Cultural Centre of Spain in Lima. Curated by David Flores-Hora (Peru) and Manuel Segade (Spain), this show is born of a mutual interest in holding an exhibition linking Peruvian and Spanish visual arts as a prelude to Peru's presence as guest of honour at ARCOmadrid.

Thus, pieces by Peruvian artists Alfredo Márquez; Claudia Martínez Garay; Diego Lama and Maricel Delgado, whose work embodies distance, exile, migration and the global nature of the current art system, dialogue with important pieces by Aernout Mik; Dora García; Carlos Motta; Adam Vallecillo; Allan Sekula and Cabello / Carceller, from the Fundación ARCO Collection.

An exhibition jointly curated by CA2M and the Cultural Centre of Spain in Lima in association with the Peruvian Ministry of Culture's Arts Directorate, which addresses the ways in which migratory movements represent the relationships surrounding economic, political and symbolic power in a society. This project deliberately addresses the difference between political and cultural borders, focusing the exhibition platform on videos that enable productive dialogues with physical pieces sourced from the local environment.

Until 15 December 2018. More information

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