Participation Alternatives

  • Basic stand from 9 m2 – Value: UF 8.5 + VAT / M2
  • Interior Net Area from 21 m2 – Value: UF 7.5 + VAT / M2.
    *The demarcated space and base energy of 70 watts per m2 are delivered.


  • Border with the exhibitor’s name.
  • Back and side panel.
  • Basic furniture (1 round table, 3 chairs, garbage can.
  • Stand floor covering.
  • Lighting 3 spotlights.
  • Base power plug 70 watts x m2.

Exhibitor profile

At MOTORTEC CHILE 2024 we want the most representative companies in the sector to participate:
  • Auto parts, engines, parts and pieces.
  • Equipment for workshop, repair and maintenance.
  • Oils and lubricants.
  • Control and management services for dealers, gas stations and workshops.
  • Service station, conservation and vehicle washing.
  • Fleet management and control systems, driving alternatives and digital solutions.
  • Tires and Batteries
  • Bodyworks and Chassis
  • Safety equipment for workshops
  • Hydraulic equipment and components
  • New ICTs applied to logistics and information systems for workshops
  • Electronics, Lighting and Systems for vehicles
  • Special vehicles, equipment and conversions
  • Accessories and Customization
  • Institutions, Associations and Bodies of the sector
  • Specialized publishers

Who visit us

At MOTORTEC CHILE 2024, all those actors who have a stake in the automotive industry will be summoned, expecting an attendance of around 5,000 professional visitors, such as:
  • Professionals, technicians, mechanics of the automotive sector
  • Owners, managers of workshops, service stations and technical inspection plants
  • Importers of spare parts, parts and pieces
  • Aftermarket distributors
  • Service center, maintenance and automotive workshops
  • Fleet managers of small, medium and large companies
  • Mass, urban and interurban transport operators
  • Entrepreneurs of the sector
  • Service companies in transportation, logistics and distribution
  • Entrepreneurs of the sector
  • Universities, Institutes and Technical Training Centers
  • Teachers and students of the sector