04 July 2024

Juan García Ponce (Wondergrass): Artificial turf brings comfort, softness and warmth to swimming pools

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In the following interview, Juan García Ponce, CEO of Wondergrass S.L., states that the evolution of artificial turf is closely linked to both private and public swimming pools. In his opinion, it brings "comfort, softness, warmth, naturalness and much more". Wondergrass will be showcasing its latest innovations at PISCIMAD 2024, which will be held from 5 to 8 November at IFEMA MADRID, as part of the Semana Internacional de la Construcción. This event will also include CONSTRUTEC, VETECO and SMART DOORS.

How has swimming pool and artificial turf use changed in Spain?

The relationship between swimming pools and artificial turf has been mutually beneficial from the outset. The installation of artificial grass has enhanced the comfort, softness, warmth and naturalness of the pool area. The solution required a pavement that would require minimal maintenance, such as the artificial grass, to embrace and envelop the area. This would ensure that the first step, once taken, would be comfortable and would encourage visitors to relax near the water. The evolution of artificial turf is closely linked to both private and public swimming pools.

Is this true in other countries with similar climates?

Artificial turf is a global product of proven quality. Spain has been a pioneer in this market, but other countries with similar and very different climates have also adopted this approach. France and England are countries that consume a considerable amount of artificial turf for private use, whether in gardens or swimming pools.

What are the benefits of artificial turf for swimming pools?

As previously stated, this product offers several benefits, including comfort, quality, friendliness, and the ability to attract insects without any adverse effects. Additionally, it is green all year round, requiring no maintenance.

Any other issues on this topic?

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