10 June 2024

Continuous learning, the key to adapting to changes in the swimming pool sector

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Continuous learning is essential in order to adapt to the new needs and changes taking place in the swimming pool sector, including technological changes, according to a study by ASEPPI. It should be borne in mind that the skills of swimming pool professionals are multiple, as in addition to masonry, the sector includes electricity in the aquatic environment, hydraulics, landscaping and construction, water treatment and home automation.

The Spanish association of swimming pool professionals affirms that ‘a professional will be competent once he has acquired sufficient training in accordance with the needs of his work, but above all once he has managed to combine knowledge, skill and attitude; a swimming pool specialist must know how to lead a project from start to finish’. Thus, they point out that ‘we must be constantly recycling ourselves, complementing our knowledge with new skills that can bring effectiveness, efficiency, profitability and competitiveness to our business’.
In this sense, ASEPPI organises on-site courses specialising in different topics specific to the sector and with the help of the main manufacturers. "This high technicality, together with the necessary versatility, is an essential component in obtaining a professional certificate. It must be a structuring element of the profession and a guarantee for the end user". In addition, its associates have a wide catalogue of online courses in different areas and subjects, including sector-specific courses, to train their workers.
Quality and technical innovation
The ASEPPI study also explains that the image of the swimming pool has changed a lot in recent years. ‘A “beautiful” swimming pool can no longer be recognised by its dimensions but by the quality of its equipment, and its integration into the house and its surroundings as a living space’. Moreover, thanks to technical innovations by industry professionals and new home automation companies, ‘today's swimming pool is environmentally friendly, economical and has never been so easy to maintain’. Globally, consumers are paying more and more attention to the environmental impact of household equipment. ‘They are looking for products that are healthy, environmentally friendly and economical to operate, and the swimming pool could not escape these concerns’.