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Elite eSport competitions get in the stage in Gamergy

If videogames are a cultural and economic phenomenon (it’s a much bigger industry than Hollywood ...), eSports are a revolution unknown by non-amateurs. These virtual sports do not have much in envy to the conventional ones like soccer, with their big stars, their competitions live or in Internet and their great public of followers. What began as a youth hobby has become a sports event whose main event in Spain is Gamergy, an event organized by IFEMA and the Professional Videogame League (LVP), which has already celebrated its ninth edition on 22nd of June with resounding audience success. Professional players, youtubers, and influencers of eSports in Spain concentrated to compete and compete in the finals of the ‘Superliga Orange de Clash Royale’, ‘Call of Duty’ and ‘CsS: GO’. 

33 TV cameras
40 People
600 Sponsor computers
50.000 Live assistants
40 M Internet audience

ESport experience

Gamergy is a 100% event dedicated to e-sports, with the vocation of taking electronic sports to the maximum spectacular, and give these competitions the platform they deserve. “We started with a national vocation; the first three years we made ad hoc competitions, and at the end of 2013 beginning of 2014, Ifema and the LVP established an alliance to bring the finals to Madrid and position this eSports competition as a reference event, says Jordi Pimarol Clotet, CEO of LVP.

Event aimed at a young target. From 10 years to 25

According to Jordi, “they are young people who like to compete and play. The games have gone through: before the user was alone against the machine, then it became a collective game, and nowadays you compete with another person in online format in rankings. “In Gamergy we talk about hundreds of thousands of people competing in a typology of online events,” says Pimarol Clotet.

Experiences with celebrities and sponsors

The event offers different experiences of virtual reality, in the hands of its partners. Also the clubs themselves generate encounters with the players and even some fam meeting. “It’s an event where you can come and play, sit and watch a football game, meet celebrities or professional players from around the world,” says Jordi.

New in this edition: the competition ‘YT Battle Royale’

A macrotorneo that took place the first day of the event. It is a competition of the famous game ‘Fortnite’ with the 100 most important Spanish-language youtubers in the world. A special show that enjoyed more than 25,000 people. “Gamergy had already hosted several activities with youtubers and influencers, but never with this level,” says Jordi.

Connectivity is the basis of everything

It is an event that is mainly based on online games, in which participants connect to a server. The connection of the round trip information has to be very fast and of very good quality. One of the most important parts of Gamergy are the retransmissions. “In Ifema 50,000 attendees were concentrated, and in terms of audience we reached up to 40 million viewers. It’s like football: it’s not just the people who go to the field, but all the people who follow the game from other locations. “ 

Economically Gamergy has three games

On the one hand, there are economic sponsorships (companies that want to associate with the event and position themselves in this market); the sale of tickets and expenses of the assistants, and the sponsorships in material and technological support. According to Jordi “There are many sponsors who, instead of contributing money, give you high-end computers, computers that have a very high cost in the market”.

Great bet of IFEMA

According to Jordi, “the collaboration of IFEMA has brought many positive things. First when he bet to get eSports to come to Madrid. It was a very incipient moment in our organization, and its support was decisive for it to become a reality. We went from 6,000 people in our beginnings to 50,000 in this edition, which has meant an attendance record. IFEMA’s commitment has been key. From the point of view of production, our team determines the criteria, but it is IFEMA and all its technical and human infrastructure that takes it to reality, makes everything work ... We are talking about a large organization with a very strong and high expertise organizational capacity. It is also a well-known institution, which has contributed decidedly to position the competitions of the Professional Videogame League, and to consolidate the Gamergy brand “