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ARCOmadrid once again has a space dedicated to emerging projects and artists with the thematic section Opening. Curators Juan Canela (Spain) and Stefanie Hessler (Germany) have selected 18 galleries with a trajectory of no more than 7 years, from 13 countries in America and Europe, which present a vision of the young contemporary scene.

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GALLERY                           COUNTRY            ARTISTS

ALLEN                                                            FRANCE                                 Boris Achour / Mel O’Callaghan

CAVALO                                                       BRAZIL                                   Pedro Caetano / Felipe Cohen

CINNNAMON GALLERY                      THE NETHERLANDS       Priscila Fernandes

DIABLO ROSSO                                        PANAMA                               Donna Conlon / Jonathan Harker

DROP CITY                                                  UNITED KINGDOM           Nadia Hebson / Eleanor Wright

EL APARTAMENTO                                CUBA                                       Yornel Martinez / Reynier Leyva Novo

ESPAI TACTEL                                           SPAIN                                      Rosana Antolí / Fito Conesa

GALERÍA ALEGRÍA                                 SPAIN                                      Stefan Rinck / Wolfgang Voegele

JOEY RAMONE                                          THE NETHERLANDS       Klaas van Gorkum / Iratxe Jaio

KUBIK GALLERY                                      PORTUGAL                           Carme Nogueira

MADRAGOA                                              PORTUGAL                           Luís Lázaro Matos

MAMA GALLERY                                     UNITED STATES                 Mattea Perrotta

PEDRO ALFACINHA                               PORTUGAL                           von Calhau!

PROYECTOS ULTRAVIOLETA           GUATEMALA                       Jorge De León / Alberto Rodríguez Collía

SABOT                                                           ROMANIA                             Radu Comșa / Lucie Fontaine

SAMY ABRAHAM                                    FRANCE                                 Adélaïde Feriot / Lena Hilton

SLYZMUD                                                    ARGENTINA                        Mercedes Azpilicueta / Alan Segal

TIRO AL BLANCO                                    MEXICO                                  Enrique Hernández / Juan López 

Opening has gained a positive reputation as a space in which to discover up-and-coming artists and new galleries. This year’s edition is curated by Juan Canela, founder and curator of BAR project (Barcelona), and Stefanie Hessler, co-founder of Andquestionmark (Stockholm) and curator of TBA21 (Vienna). Together they have chosen 18 galleries from around the world to present stands with one or two artists. The participating galleries have trajectories of less than 7 years and their meticulous presentations provide a view of their programme while inviting the visitor to participate and engage with the artists’ perspectives. The curators’ choices aim to reflect the quality and diversity of the artists and offer a overview of their work at stands designed specifically for Opening.

The Opening section presents two Spanish, three Portuguese, six European, one North American and six Latin American galleries and highlights several contemporary art trends, including performative practices. 

Pedro Alfacinha, from Lisbon, presents an aural installation by the sound and performance artist von Calhau!, while the project by Adélaïde Feriot, at Samy Abraham, incorporates materials that the artist uses in dance performances and displays, alongside the abstract and geometrical pictorial compositions of Lena Hilton. The vibrant films and pictures by Priscila Fernandes at Cinnnamon evolved similarly during the artists’ performances. The work of Mercedes Azpilicueta on choreography, space and the intimacy between bodies which is presented by Slyzmud can be found alongside Alan Segal, who questions common narratives and representations using his experience as a cinematographer. Music and musical scores are the key in the work of Fito Conesa at Espai Tactel, and Rosana Antolí is inspired by the performance, choreography and rhythm of daily life.                                           

Allen presents Mel O’Callaghan’s pictures on glass, which deal with transformation and resistance, alongside the videos and elements of games by Boris Achour, in which sculptures act as intermediaries between the players. The black and white video by Donna Conlon & Jonathan Harker at Diablo Rosso reflects on how opportunity and luck come into play in life. The Galería Alegría presents a dialogue between the ludic sculptures of Stefan Rinck and the old-world paintings of Wolfgang Voegele. Cavalo’s presentation of Pedro Caetano and Felipe Cohen includes painting from a broad perspective, incorporating all kinds of mediums, while the MAMA Gallery has selected works by Mattea Perrotta, which oscillate between patches of abstract colour and traces of the figurative constellations which reveal their titles. Enrique Hernández’s pictures capture and investigate contemporary imagery, while the work of Juan López modifies spatial perception at the Tiro al Blanco stand. Radu Comșa presents a group of pictures created using the Batik technique together with a sculptural project at Sabot, alongside several works by Lucie Fontaine, including a new piece in her series ‘The Guardian’.

History and legacy are present in Nadia Hebson’s research mural on the life and work of American artist Christina Ramberg. Next to this is the sculptural folding screen which serves as a relationship unifier for Eleanor Wright at Drop City. The installation by Iratxe Jaio + Klaas van Gorkum at Joey Ramone deals with the manufacturing industries in a town in the Basque country and with the commodification of art, while Luis Lázaro Matos analyses the perception of Spain as a tourist destination at Galería Madragoa. At Kubik Gallery, Carme Nogueira deconstructs the colonial architecture of the Palacio de Cristal in Oporto. Yornel Martinez explores the relationship between language and well-known objects, while Reynier Leyva Novo analyses historical reports relating to political leaders at El Apartamento. Proyectos Ultravioleta presents a stand with work by Jorge De León, inspired by urban life and the imagery that Alberto Rodríguez Collía takes from the media to explore historical memory.

As part of Opening, Juan Canela and Stefanie Hessler will present the exhibition entitled ‘Ese algo que está a medio camino entre el color de mi atmósfera típica y la punta de mi realidad’ at the old tobacco factory Tabacalera in Madrid. It includes work by Adelaïde Fériot, Jazmín López and Joanna Piotrowska, and will open on 21 February 2017. 


Juan Canela. Independent curator and critic. He is the founder and curator of BAR project and Azotea and forms part of SYNAPSE - The International Curators' Network at Haus der Kulturen der Welt (Berlin). He has curated projects such as The Reflection of the Mineral, The (Re)Action of the Image, a video programme for Herding Islands, Rats and the Anthropocene, University of the Philippines in Los Banos, Philippines. (2015); SWAB Performance, a performance programme for SWAB Barcelona; Hablo, sabiendo que no se trata de eso, a project including works from the collections of La Caixa and Macba, with performances and interventions by contemporary artists, Caixaforum, Barcelona (2015); Lesson 0, curated by Azotea (Sept 2013-Sept 2015) for Espai13 Fundació Miró, Barcelona; Me and You and Everyone We Meet, a video programme curated by BAR project for Zumzeig cine, Barcelona; ¿Por qué no lo llamas entropía?, curated with Ariadna Ramonetti for the edition 0 of Encuentro de Cultura Contemporánea de Guadalajara México (2015); Ignacio Uriarte: 1&0s in Marco, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Vigo (2014); ¿Estudias o trabajas?, La Ene, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2013); Lo viejo y lo Nuevo, AdnPlatform, Barcelona (2013) -curated by Azotea (Ane Agirre i Juan Canela)-, the programme of round tables Vertex, conversaciones en arte, política y sociedad for ADN Think Tank (2013) -curated by Azotea (Ane Agirre i Juan Canela)-; Lanza una roca y a ver que pasa, La Casa Encendida, Madrid (2013); El espacio cósmico estaba ahí,… Bacelos Gallery Madrid/Vigo (2013); the editorial project Radio de Acción, Espacio Abisal, Bilbao (2011) o Ref.08001, NoguerasBlanchard, Barcelona (2010). He was recently selected to attend SYNAPSE Workshop 2015 in Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin and was one of the guests invited to Surrounding Education, a two-day programme centred on education and teaching in relation to the art and curatorial contexts of De Appel Art Center, Amsterdam. He writes for magazines such as A*Desk, Terremoto, Dardo magazine, SOUTH Magazine and Kaleidoscope Blog. 

Stefanie Hessler. Stefanie Hessler is a curator and writer from Germany, currently based in Austria and Sweden. She is the co-founder of the art space Andquestionmark in Stockholm (with Carsten Höller). Recent curated projects include the 8th Momentum Biennial in Moss, Norway (2015); Winter Event – antifreeze in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Santiago, Chile and FLORA in Bogotá, Colombia (2015); Outside at Index – The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation and Moderna Museet in Stockholm, Sweden (2014); Klara Lidén: The Myth of Progress (Moonwalk) at Lugar a Dudas in Cali, Colombia (2014); and Carsten Höller: Half Past and Half To (2013) and Marjetica Potrč: Caracas Dry Toilet, both in Die Ecke in Santiago, Chile (2012). Hessler regularly writes for art publications, such as ArtReview, and co-edits books, such as “Máquina de Escrever” for Capacete, São Paulo together wiht Ericka Florez, and "Life Itself" for the Moderna Museet together with Daniel Birnbaum, Carsten Höller and Jo Widoff, investigating on the question “What is life?” from different points of view, such as biology, artificial intelligence, literature and science fiction. In 2017, she is part of the jury of the Moderna Museet Sculpture Prize and she is curating the exhibition "Speed" at the Museum of Modern Art in Recife, Brazil; Hessler is part of the Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary team as curator of TBA21-Academy and for the project "The Current", an exploratory fellowship programme on a research vessel investigating human impact on climate change and particularly the oceans.





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