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Sillon Dental Oms

Universal Top Double Face

06 mar 2018

Universal Top Double Face

Universal Double face the extraordinary evolution. Just a few, simple gestures to adapt the dental unit to the needs of the left hand dentist.The technological Excellence and the ergonomics of OMS. A unit characterized by versatility and flexibility. Very stable due to the use of quality materials and metals. Dental Units for all treatment dentistry branches. Free standing installation & compact dimensions.

High standard quality of the materials:

  • Aluminium Casting - Metal Sheet using for the chair.
  • Stainless Steel - Metal Sheet - Porcelain using for the water box.
  • Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Polyurethane using for the dentist and assitant elements.

Connections into columun water box.


Suspended and vertical elevation chair, spinning chair for 180° to right and 180° to left.

The Dental Unit is an electrical pneumatic treatment unit equiped with:

  • 5 Instruments Dentist Element (Syringe 4 dynamic instruments), with hoses S.P.R.I.D.O. system (kinematic system with reduced expansion in height, movements very fluid and devoid of inertia);
  • The Element is connecting with the water box by a spring self-balanced adjustable arm;
  • Sterilizable tray cover, handle, instrument support;
  • Informations about instruments usage data showed on the display;
  • 3 programmes for micromotor/s and scaler/endo/perio, acustic buzz for micromotor reversal;
  • controls for spittoon rinsing and cup filling with timer;
  • assistant call or door opener;
  • chair controls;
  • customized programmes for 4 different users;
  • diagnostic service on display;
  • on\off lamp command (can be enabled automatic control);
  • Column water box, 180° swivel porcelain spitton, with integrated safety sensor;
  • Assistant table equiped on 180° swiveling arm;
  • Assitant table 4 instruments holder (Syringe 2 Suction hoses 1 free)
  • Keyboard controls for spittoon rinsing and cup filling with timer, chair controls (manual zero/rinsing/last positions 3 programmes), lamp on/off;

Patient Chair model MOON with:

  • Suspended Chair Version
  • Super Memory Upholstery;
  • Headrest with double articulation;
  • Syncronized Trendelenburg Movement;
  • Swivel version 180° right – 180° left;
  • Upholstery right armrest;
  • 3 programs may be-set by the operator with automatic movement to zero-position, rising positionand to the last work position;
  • Un-dress Compesation Backrest chair.

Foot Control designed smart and confortable usage;

  • Turbine Drive and Chip Blower Drive
  • Micromotor Dynamic and Chip Blower Drive
  • Micromotor Inverse Drive
  • Scaler Drive
  • Chair Drive.