The FITUR DAILY is the official newspaper of the show. It keeps you posted on the happenings of the show. A new issue is published everyday and is distributed by our staff at the two main entrances of the show. You can also pick up a copy from the display shelves at the entrance of the pavillions. Read about what's happening in FITUR:

  • Exhibitors' news, new products and initiatives
  • Market analysis and trends
  • Show's coverage: reports, photos of the happenings
  • Key learnings of the educational sessions and interviews
  • Leaders and key players' opinions and point of view
  • The most inspiring experiences you can live in FITUR

The FITUR Daily is available in print and online. You can download the FITUR Daily every morning and it will also be emailed to all registered participants.

The publication is published in Spanish and English with four attractive issues to capture the essence of the tourism industry. 10,000 copies will be distributed per day throughout the three professional days and 20,000 copies over the weekend.