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IFEMA premieres Hangar 52, the greatest magic show ever seen in Spain, presented by the magician Yunke

• An impressive production at the level of the greatest Broadway and Las Vegas events, created by the current World Magic Award winner

• A unique and fascinating show that will make its premiere in Madrid, at Ifema, this Christmas

• More than 40,000 tickets are on sale at, with a 25% discount for those who purchase their tickets now

26 Jun 2019

In December, IFEMA will premiere the greatest Magic show ever seen in Spain, with the launch of Hangar 52, the latest creation by the magician Yunke. An major production at the level of Broadway and Las Vegas, which will be a great challenge for the leisure events organiser IFEMA, and which will take place from 5 December to 12 January.

The show, made in collaboration with Yunke, the current World Magic Award holder and one of the best illusionists on the international scene, will undoubtedly become the main feature in Madrid's programme in the lead up to Christmas. More than 40,000 tickets for the show are now on sale on IFEMA's platform, with a 25% discount for those who make their purchase now. 

The magician Yunke will put on stage a stunning large format montage, with plenty of light, music and special effects, which will display up to 15 spectacular original tricks. They are all designed and produced by Yunke, which makes him the only magician who increases the performance and ingenuity each time he creates a new illusion.

Hangar 52 gives its name, not only to the show, but also to the IFEMA space that will host this major production, the first show that IFEMA has organised directly.  Hangar 52 will be built to house the show, it will be a large auditorium tent with a capacity for over 1,100 spectators, where each and every one of them will be able to enjoy an amazing experience.

Hangar 52 jealously guards never-before-revealed secrets from Leonardo da Vinci to Nasa's teleportation experiments, interstellar gateways to ancient Egypt, rituals of the ancient warriors on the Great Wall of China, airplanes that disappeared in World War II and latest generation of illusions. The strength, beauty and authenticity of this major, unprecedented show will surprise over 40,000 spectators.

World Magic Award Winner

The magician Yunke has received the greatest prize in the world of magic, having won the 2018 World Stage Illusions Prize at the FISM Magic Championship, held in Korea. An award that crowns his previous world prize in the same championship in 2000.  Yunke is, also, currently one of the most famous television magicians in Spain, known for his appearances on El Hormiguero, one of the programmes with the largest audience, which is followed by more than 4 million viewers. To this is added the success of the Magic Museum by Yunke theatre museum, in Peñíscola, and now this new project, the most important of his career.

Likewise, Yunke is undoubtedly the most internationally renowned magician in Spain. He has undertaken major tours such as the one taking him to China to show his art to more than 100,000 spectators and he has given private shows for public figures such as his recent performance for Donald Trump Jr. This is all in addition to the more than 120 shows and performances that he carries out every year.

Creator of spectacular illusions

Yunke is also recognised for his role as a designer and creator of spectacular illusions.  He combines his performances with the invention, design and production of the effects he exhibits in his shows. To achieve this, he has a large space, a laboratory of 900 square metres where he gains the inspiration to create his shows, and where he has devised all of the surprising tricks that it will be possible to see at IFEMA, in the show The Magician Yunke, Hangar 52.

About YUNKE.- The magician YUNKE is one of the greatest illusionists at the international level. The spectacular nature of his staging, his authenticity and the uniqueness of his effects have won him multiple awards. In addition to having won awards for his magic in Spain, he has won world prizes at the FISM championships in 2000 and 2018, organised by the International Magic Federation. Other awards he has won include the Mandrake D'or at the International Festival of Illusionism, as well as an honourable mention from the Royal Family of Monaco, the 2018 Castellón Prize for Merit in the Arts for his work in investigating and popularising the art of magic, as well as the Golden Oracle.

He is the inventor and producer of his own magic numbers, his success is based on innovation and on the constant launching of new illusions. His magic is full of beauty and mystery, ingredients that have led him to show his art all over the world, and to participate in national and international television programmes.  His most acclaimed television appearances have been in programmes such as El Hormiguero, both during its time with the broadcaster Cuatro and now with Antena 3; Shalakabula, on Telemadrid and regional television broadcasters; Por Arte de Magia, on Antena 3; Nada x Aquí, on Cuatro, and Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde, on TV1 France, among many others. He has also appeared on adverts for household brands such as Telefónica.

About IFEMA Leisure.- Since 2016, IFEMA has opened its facilities to cultural, musical and leisure events, hosting with great success important events such as Harry Potter the Exhibition; Bansky, Genious or Vandal; and the Rio Babel Music Festival, in addition to its major fairs such as Madrid Games Week and Gamergy. This evolution has now enabled it, at the end of 2019, to take the leap as the organiser of major productions for the public, with the show The Magician Yunke, Hangar 52. This will be the largest magic production staged in Madrid after the single performance given by David Copperfield.