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The World Pandemics Forum will have worldwide experts in Public Health, clinicians, various health professionals, researchers, epidemiologists, Health Directors, experts in catastrophes and critical situations, as well as NGOs.

Attending the World Pandemics Forum is having the opportunity to network with all these entities and participants to be at the forefront of the current most critical and important point in health: management and prevention of pandemics.

The World Pandemics Forum is open to all professionals from:

  • Healthcare companies
  • Diagnostic companies
  • Public & private institutions
  • Associations and companies from other sectors
  • Pharmaceutical industry

Guidelines to sustainable participation for visitors

A visit to a trade fair/event, whether professional or public, and whether it is held in our town or requires us to travel, can have a significant impact on sustainability.

The fact that these activities take place in a short space of time, producing a concentration of a large movement of people and goods, means that the negative effects that could be produced are more intense and there is less time to correct them.

That is why it is important to take into account those aspects on which we can act and plan our activity according to sustainability criteria.

Guidelines for sustainable participation at fairs/events