IFEMA MADRID: A hyperconnected fair organization

Founded in 1980, IFEMA MADRID is a consortium formed by the Community of Madrid, the Madrid City Council, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Montemadrid Foundation. Our activity has an economic impact on the territory of 4.374 billion euros and generates more than 26,000 jobs.

At IFEMA MADRID we have a very clear objective, to be a place to connect. To connect interests, challenges, concerns, knowledge, hobbies and passions. To do this, we have been designing environments for 40 years in which people, companies and society meet and share interests and challenges.

IFEMA MADRID International, more global than ever

The international impulse of IFEMA MADRID represents one of our strategic objectives, both for our own fair activity carried out in Madrid, as well as that carried out in other countries, where we export IFEMA MADRID´s knowledge and experience in the management and commercialization of events and spaces.

International Fairs

IFEMA MADRID hosts half of all the international fairs held in our country every year, and is Spain’s leading trade fair operator when it comes to staging important events of this nature.

New markets

We promote activity in new markets, strengthening our international position with 16 IFEMA MADRID delegations operating in 28 countries.

Open to the public

Concerts, festivals, exhibitions and leisure activities have made a big impact on the IFEMA MADRID agenda in the last few years.

One of our commitments is to bring IFEMA MADRID closer to people and generate significant experiences at fairs, events and activities that connect with the general interest of those around us.

Therefore, we dedicate 365 days a year to bringing our audiences everything that interests them: business, knowledge, leisure, experiences and future, especially future.

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A window to tomorrow: Innovation

Improving the experience of our visitors is one of our priorities, and therefore at IFEMA MADRID we have made a great technological commitment to lead cutting-edge developments in the digital transformation of fairs.

We work and promote the use of new technologies to generate experiences.

To do this, through the R&D laboratory at the IFEMA MADRID LAB Foundation, we are developing a prototype Augmented Fair and we encourage research into new generation technologies. We promote projects aimed at improving the productivity of the public and private administrative organization.

Committed: To sustainability and the environment

At IFEMA MADRID we have set ourselves the objective of being a benchmark in good environmental practices, both in the ethical management of resources and in the correct handling of the waste we generate

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Annual Report

The 2020 annual report contains data from a difficult year during which it was impossible to maintain normal activity due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is also a proud statement of the Fair Institution's commitment to serving society.

"I am delighted to share data detailing our activities, the challenges we have overcome and the new technologies we are applying in the trade fair sector"

Eduardo López-Puertas Bitaubé - Managing Director

Annual Report 2020
CSR Report

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