Quality policy

IFEMA MADRID is committed to a precise, comprehensive and demanding concept of quality.

The objective is not only to generate the results that have made us market leaders, but, especially, to do so by always having two obligatory references at the centre of our interests: a continuous state of improvement and customer satisfaction.

We interpret this concept of customer in its broadest sense, to include our exhibitors and visitors, but also the whole economic fabric structured around the various sectors, the Community of Madrid and, of course, the entire workforce of the company.

Our quality policy represents our commitment not just to quality but also to the sustainability of our events, to energy efficiency and to the environment.

Quality policy
Master Plan CSR

Governance Principles
for Sustainable

Holding trade fairs and events is a high-impact activity concentrated into very specific and generally short periods of time.

At IFEMA MADRID, we are aware of the considerable impact that our events can have; from the environmental point of view (as regards possible damage, promoting attitudes to waste separation and recovery which affect cultural change), in economic terms (influencing the development of our area of influence, promoting innovation and entrepreneurship and generating wealth in the community), and in social terms (working with solidarity organisations to control the distribution of surpluses, communicating to society the importance of commitment, etc.)

Therefore, with the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda as a reference, IFEMA MADRID is committed to its own declaration of principles in this regard, assuming the responsibility of being a reference and our capacity for dissemination and influence.

Governance principles for sustainable development

Governance Principles for Sustainable Development

Guidelines to sustainable participation in trade fairs

Sustainability today is no longer an option but an obligation for companies. It is not possible to face the present without committing to the future. Any project that aims to be sustainable over time must do so with respect for the planet and society.

At IFEMA MADRID, we are aware of the multiple relationships that every fairground operator and exhibition site manager establishes. These relationships occur with customers, exhibitors and visitors, companies and professionals, also with suppliers and society. The media multiply the impact of any action carried out in the few days that these events last.

Guidelines to sustainable participation in fairs


IFEMA MADRID commitment to quality and sustainability can be upheld only by following internationally accepted and recognised standards. This is evidenced by certifications confirming examination by an accredited neutral entity.

Obtaining such certifications, and the determination to continue extending their scope, are consequences of, and testimony to, the transparency that IFEMA MADRID has always applied in its management.

Currently, IFEMA MADRID has the following certifications:

  • ISO 20121, Sustainable events.
  • ISO 50001, Energy management system for the Offices Building at the South Entrance.
  • ISO 14001, Environmental management systems.
  • ISO 9001, Quality management systems.
  • ISO 22320 Emergency Management System and Incident Response.
  • Madrid Excelente. Quality mark of the Community of Madrid to certify the quality and excellence in its management.
  • EFR.- (in its Spanish acronym) - Family Responsible Company. Más Familia Foundation.
  • Voluntare, Certification of excellence of the Corporate Volunteer Plan.
  • AENOR COV 2020/0130, Certificate of protocols of action against COVID-19.

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